Easing Out of 2015

We had a fairly exciting 2015, so we decided to just take it easy for the last few weeks of December. I also had this nagging hamstring/hip/quad twinge going on during our last two 50 mile races, so chillin’ for a few weeks was just good for my total soul.

Todd Crossword Dec 2015
Todd is clearly confused trying to complete his crossword.

Talk about veggin’ out – Todd and I literally did not leave the house for three straight days over Christmas. We spent the three days at the in-laws, as they headed south on Christmas day to ensure they are nice and toasty during the worst two months of the year in KY (Jan and Feb, of course). No running, no stretching, no core, basically just eating, watching too much crap TV, some Steelers football (NOT crap TV), and some crossword puzzles.

Emily Blanket Dec 2015
Emily keeping cozy while enjoying some mind stimulating T.V.

Hence, the crap TV – we got rid of cable and internet at our house a few years ago due to my tendency to waste my life away watching reality TV (that is actually so very far from most folks’ true reality).

We decided leaving my in-laws on Sunday night would be a good thing, allowing us to keep our jobs, eat food, and generally contribute something to society, so we packed it up and headed back to the Ville. Back to reality, which, honestly is pretty awesome for us. We get to run, eat, prepare for running, eat some more, and sleep in all of our free time.

PS–We get to go to Florida for vacation for a total of 19 days during Jan and Feb, so this may just be our most favorite winter ever (well, Todd DID live in Palo Alto for a few years, but he didn’t have me then so it was most definitely not as awesome).

 We are nosey, so tell us about your life in the comments:

Did you have an exciting 2015?

What are your 2016 plans – race and otherwise?



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