Our Crazy New Year’s Eve

As one would only expect, New Year’s Eve was Party Central at the Bello household. We partied till the sun came out and then laughed at those stick-in-the-muds who wanted to go to sleep, grabbed some omelets, and then cracked open a few more cold ones to continue the crazy times.

Yeah, no, that did not happen. In fact, in my 30 years of New Year’s Eves, I am pretty sure I have only made it for the ball drop approximately twice and one of those times I was babysitting, so I was sort of required to stay up to make sure the kids didn’t sneak out.

Todd and I both worked on the 31st and were able to eat lunch together. Again, nothing too exciting, but bananas, yogurts, and PB sandwiches always bring out the grins. Em and Todd Lunch Dec 29 15

Fast forward to 6 hours later and we had our good friends from church over for dinner. Well, let’s be honest, we told them that we would provide appetizers (crackers and dip—homemade, but with Todd’s mom’s help and ingredients and at her house, so technically she sort of made it) and dessert if they would bring the main grub. So, in their typical fashion, they stole the show with chicken tortilla soup. Having friends who can cook AND willing bring it over to your house AND then leave you with the leftovers = good for whole family. Em and Cassis Dec 31 15 CroppedThese are also our cool friends who are helping us with setting up our blog, and Facebook, and Twitter, and uTube…I basically zone out through all of it because my tech savviness is literally dangerous with my lack of abilities. Holding down a full time job, running, and being a wife are about my max in terms of what I can handle at one time, so the full behind the scenes tech stuff is going to be Todd’s duty.

New Year’s Day found us happily embracing the glorious sun! It has been super rainy in the KY over the past week, so seeing the sun on Jan 1 has to be a good sign for the start of 2016. We then ran 6 miles at my fastest pace since before the Jackson 50/50 on December 7. As we said in our last post, we took the rest of December to cut way back in mileage and didn’t do any speed work, so I am ready to start picking it up again. I will tell you more about our New Year’s Day tomorrow and also about the start of our new training season later this week. Have a happy day!

Tell me about your crazy New Year’s Eve?

What did you do? Do you always stay up for the ball drop or do you welcome in the New Year when you wake up?


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