Two Saturdays? And Bello Weekend Recap

Rewind to New Year’s Day…did anyone else feel like Friday was Saturday? I was super confused basically the whole weekend as a result. Anyhow, I never complain about two Saturdays in one week, so New Year’s Day was wonderful. We got up, had breakfast, ran some, did some strength training randomness, since I typically have a 45 second attention span when it comes to weights, etc. Then we had lunch and did some important work: reading for me and crossword conquering for Todd. Has anyone read the new Judy Blume book In the Unlikely Event? If not, then go read it now. It’s good, and addicting…so maybe don’t read it if you have important 2016 resolutions to attend to. Since all we had on the docket was dinner with Pops and his awesome girlfriend, Janie, who came to visit us and finally celebrate our delayed Christmas, then the reading addiction was the perfect way to spend my first day of the New Year.

Dad and Janie brought presents, so we let them come up to our condo. 

Open presents Jan 1 16 Small














Todd almost cried when he unwrapped two full books of crossword puzzles with themes of his favorite things in the universe (besides me and running, of course): sports and coffee.

Todd Christmas presents Jan 1 16 small

For dinner and January 1 celebrating, we took it to the North End Café. This dish rocked my socks off.

Salmon North Cafe Jan 1 16 small

If the polenta cake under the salmon became the base of every meal I eat from now until 2017, then 2016 would definitely be a super year. The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful with some blog site work, more begging for friends on social media, and some running/eating/color booking/crosswords/church/watching the Steelers make it into the playoffs (woohoo!!).

Oh yeah, we also ran.  It is nice when it is January 2 and we can still wear shorts – the sunny skies help!Emily running 3 Jan 2 16 small

What is the last book you read?

What did you eat on New Year’s Day?



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Last book: The Lady In The Van by Alan Bennett. New Year’s I ate chilli, pimento cheese sandwiches (homemade) and cornbread which I made for my English family xx


    1. That sounds good. Are there any leftovers?


  2. Lisa Pruett says:

    I’m buying the Judy Blume book. Thanks for the recommendation!


    1. Oh good, let me know what you think.


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