Morning already?!

Oh, goodness I did NOT want to get out of our warm bed this morning. We get shocked reactions from people sometimes when we say things like this, because a lot of people just assume that Todd and I are somehow different and just LOVE to go out and run every morning and that we never suffer the low motivation hum-drums.

Emily waking up
Please note the running clothes and toothbrush. Part of my motivation is that Todd brings me these things in bed.  It is his way of saying, “Get up now!”

Well, sorry to break it to anyone who may think that ultra runners are super-human, but we most certainly are not. I LOVE my bed in the middle of the KY winter just like any normal person. For us, though, we have a few things going: 1) we know that wimping out will mean that the other person has to run alone, which is just no fun, 2) we know that later in the day, or, heck, on our way to work, we will regret our decision to skip the workout because we will feel like royal poo for knowing that we flaked when we were not injured or suffering anything less than the whinnies, 3) winning races and setting PRs does not come from skipping workouts because we would rather be warmly snuggled into our beds for an extra hour (barring you are not sleep-deprived, which is a topic of an entire other post), and 4) there is no better way to feel hard-core than to finish your run while it is STILL DARK out and know that you have already accomplished so much – shoot yeah, you can rock this work day and conquer wifehood/husbandhood! You are the Queen/King of Awesome City. (PS—you will have to bear with me on switching from “we” to “me” to “I”. Emily writes the post but Todd does the hard part of putting up with me every day, posting my blogs, doing all the technical work, and basically making sure that my life outside of work does not fall to pieces, so he gets to claim the blog as partly his, too).Em pre run Jan 2 16 50%

Okay, enough of my rambling. Today was our second day of training for the PR marathon that I am hoping, hoping, hoping finally happens this year. I would like to think that 30 = my strongest year of running yet, but that will take a ton of hard work, MOTIVATION, which I don’t always have, support from all of my new blog friends, some weight gain (more about that in another post), lots of hills/speedwork/strength training, good sleep…well, let’s just say it won’t be easy! We will post a recap of our training at the end of each week. We just come up with the training on our own based on our past experience, so please know that we are not professionals and you can’t take any of our advice or training as such. Know your body, work with professionals (again, we are not professionals), eat right, get sleep, love your momma, etc.

Time for the shameless Ultra Run Couple promotion: If you think we are funny and you want others to get this little bit of joy in their lives each day, then please FOLLOW the blog and FOLLOW us on Facebook (Ultra Run Couple) and  Twitter @ultraruncouple and SHARE this with your friends. Also, PLEASE comment back to my questions. I do not have any real friends besides Todd, my parents, and my sister – one of which is legally bound to me and the others likely feel some sort of obligation since we have the same blood lines or something, so your comments make me feel like I am the popular girl.

When do you struggle most with motivation?

What do you have going that helps you through those hum-drums?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. bellofan says:

    *love your momma – is very good advise! ❤️
    And — I struggle with motivation (pretty much only walk on treadmill – nothing in comparison to you all) but I really struggle with taking that first step…. Once I get that first step the rest is ok. 🏃🏻


    1. You should hang some inspiring things in your treadmill room, so that you will keep getting up and taking that first step!


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