A Long Way to Go and Important Life Decisions.

This morning was my first speed work session of the new training season. Let’s just sum it up with “I have a lot of work to do!” Todd is my official (uncertified, unpaid) coach, so he just needs to figure out how to get me there. No, I wish it were that easy, but WE have a long way to go. I *think* that I am still recovering from my hip/hamstring/quad issue, so that likely played a part. I need to work on my turnover and focus and hopefully I will get there!

Now to some important life decisions that I have been wanting to discuss with someone other than Todd, because he tends to think that my “important matters” may not be as critical as I think they are.

Do you ever play the “if you were told that you were being sent to a desert island to live out your days and that you could only bring 5 foods, then what would they be”? If not, then you should, because you never know when this may become a reality. You must assume that cooking the food is already taken care of, and so is refrigeration, and you have unlimited water, and you must choose a one ingredient food (e.g. no total meat pizza or food combinations, but you can choose a prepackaged food that has multiple ingredients, such as a waffle).

Me—I think I would take, but I tend to revise this daily, so this is where I really need your help—natural peanut butter, oatmeal, bananas, eggs, sea bass, and red apples.

Emily & Peanut Butter Dec 2015 Cropped
Em is very focused when it is PB time

I feel that these foods would provide the total package of nutrients and variety and I could mix some when I get tired of one thing (sea bass and eggs, or bananas and PB, or oatmeal and PB—which I already do daily). However, I brought up to Todd on the way to the grocery that the one thing I wish that would make this all easier would be that apples would contain protein, because then they would truly be the full, complete, most awesomest food

Our apple drawer to show Em’s obsession


So, that is my important matter for this lovely Wednesday.

Oh, and these are real shoes that adult people are allowed to wear in public places and I do not care what Todd says. Uggs Jan 3 2016 cropped

Do you agree with me about these being real people shoes, or are you wrong like Todd?

What would YOUR 5 foods be?


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