Hills for Breakfast and No Pistachio Left Behind

This morning we ate hills for breakfast and they were tasty! Okay, actually, I had a pumpkin spice English muffin and a protein bar first but then we headed to the hills.Todd driving Jan 16 33%

It is rare that we drive somewhere to run, unless it is to hit the trails, but today we drove straight to the hills to make sure that our two hour scheduled run was ALL HILLS. This is one of the things I am working on this training season and it goes hand-in-hand with my trying to eat more and gain muscle weight. The more quality food, the stronger Em will be, the easier hills will be, the easier flats will be, the faster Em will be…see how it’s all connected?

Speaking of quality food, I am on a big pistachio kick lately. Here’s the thing, though, I am super anti wasting food, so sometimes these little nuts are tricky. Solution? Pistachios and screwdriver 33% I decided a mini screw driver would serve me well in my “no pistachio left behind” quest. Until this happened:

Pistachio thumb 33%

I had one pistachio that would not give in, so she will live to see another day, though it will be at the bottom of the trash bin.

Back to the run for a minute. It was damp outside but we were able to wear shorts . Given we had our harder effort long run yesterday, I spent today really trying to focus on my mental state.

Em Iroquois Park Jan 16 Cropped

I am aiming for twice per week positive visualization days leading up to the race. For a few minutes of my runs, I will be thinking about the race and visualizing myself in different stages doing well. We ran part of what will be the course for my PR marathon in a few months (see how good at this I already am?), so I took those hill efforts thinking about how the pace will be so comfortable for me by the time the race is here and I have trained so much and am 110% prepared. I will keep you posted as to how it pays off along my training (see how I said “how it pays off” versus “IF it will pay off”—another thing to practice with the positive visualization). So this is me and my sweet muffin love right after our two hours of hills. These are our happy faces as we are already dreaming about what we will have for lunch and (Todd told me to include) watching the NFL playoffs. Em and Todd Post Run Jan 9 16

Have a fantastic weekend filled with all the people you love and all the running or other workouts you wish and all the yummy food that makes your heart smile.

What are you eating for lunch today?

What other things are you loving about this happy January weekend?

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