It Got Cold and Monday Stairs

Yesterday was 8 miles easy, some Pilates and core work, church, the grocery and lots of this.

Em on couch Jan 16

Remember Saturday when this is what I wore on the run? Em Iroquois Park Jan 16 Cropped

Well, yesterday was cold, cold, cold.  It rained and then froze on Saturday night, so it was a slippery run. Snow Cold Jan 16

However, for the record—and it is a record, Todd fell twice and I managed to stay vertical the whole run. Today we decided that we need some hard core cross-training, versus slipping again for 8 miles, so we did an hour of me on the elliptical and Todd on the bike, with me calling out when to up the speed and when to increase the incline. Em Eliptical Jan 16

I decided that I would make a good spin instructor. I also made Todd do arm curls and shoulder presses with free weights while he biked. I want my man to stay muscular so that he can carry me across the threshold on command. Yeah, that never happens, though I do get extremely lazy on the weekends and try to get him to piggyback me up the stairs to our bedroom so that I don’t have to walk, but he rarely takes me up on this fun offer. I am just trying to mix up his strength training routine, but whatever. Okay, back to the workout. We finished up the hour of elepticizing and biketasticness and then hit the stairs for 25 minutes. We go back and forth between fast stairs one at a time and slower taking the stairs two at a time. Em Stairs Jan 16

We feel like the two-at-a-timers mimic a lot of what we deal with on our long trail races when you are more hiking/just trying to keep moving up the hills towards the end of the race and after 80+ miles. I have had some of my more solid race performances when I have incorporated stairs, so we shall see if this plays out for me this time around. I hope you had a rejuvenating weekend and are ready to charge into this fantastic Monday, but first please take a minute to FOLLOW our blog and leave us a comment with your answers to a few questions!

What is your favorite cross-training activity?

What do you do to veg out/unwind on the weekend?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hollie says:

    It’s hard to believe how drastically the weather has changed in the last few days. “Stayed vertical during the whole run” made me laugh a lot. I haven’t been cross training as much as I would like but I generally use the arc trainer or AMT.


  2. Unfortunately, it always seems like a plus when I can manage through tough weather conditions without resulting in some form of my own bloodshed.


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