Early O’Clock, Indulging, and My Mom Reads This

Good Wednesday to you! It was early o’clock when we woke up this morning

Early Morning Jan 16
What my watch read when Todd’s alarm went off, 4:58 AM


It was also in the single digit temps, but today was another elliptical and stair day, so we did not have to bundle up for our work out. We did an hour hard cardio with me on the elliptical and Todd on the bike, then 25 minutes all out on the stairs, followed by 10 minutes of core work (planks, v-ups, more planks, bicycle crunches, more planks, and straight leg lifts). Boy were we sweaty and HUNGRY afterwards. I have had a few people inquire about our eating habits, so here is a pic of my typical breakfast: yummy red apple, yogurt—we LOVE the Kroger brand, and two servings of plain oatmeal, lots of water, and coffee (not pictured).

Breakfast Jan 16

I try to get a good mix of protein and carbs with as many nutrients as possible because breakfast just sets the tone for the whole day in my opinion. When I say that we have “eating habits” I do mean it literally. Todd and I are the most habitual people when it comes to our food on Monday through Friday, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get me wrong, we both LOVE food. We just don’t require a lot of variety to keep us happy, so we have found that being fairly consistent with our food intake allows us to plan accordingly so as 1) not to waste food (we HATE to waste food) and 2) enable us to know that we are getting all the nutrients that our bodies need in order to perform. We demand a lot of our bodies, so we need to make sure we are fueling well for 80% of the time. That said, weekends are a bit more relaxed for us. We do drink limited amounts of alcohol on the weekends (two drinks on Friday and/or Saturday max), and we do indulge more. We also let down the guard a bit more around holidays and vacations. We find that this works well for us to keep us healthy (eating well the majority of the time) and motivated (always having the weekend and special occasions to look forward to). Todd Lunch 16

As an update on my injury: It is supposed to get warmer overnight, so we figured tomorrow morning would be a good time to get out and test my hammy/hip flexor/quad. But, if it hurts AT ALL, then I am headed back to the elliptical because I want to get better before we head to Florida. It is NO FUN to not be able to take advantage of awesome Florida weather, so I want to be healed by then. Which means I am doing lots of icing at night.

Em Icing her Hamstring Jan 16
You cannot see, but I have ice on my upper hamstring. I will not show this in full view because this is a PG rated site.


We will be back tomorrow with more ultra loving fun and an update on my injury. In the meantime, please answer a few questions because, if you saw the comments from yesterday, my Mom reads this blog and I want her to think that I have friends.

What are your go to breakfast foods?

What is your balance of healthy versus indulgent foods? Do you indulge once a day, once a week, once a month?  


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Marc Teismann says:

    Favorite breakfast food is a green smoothie with spinach, kale, Apple, spirulina and some vega protein powder with almond milk!

    I use to have horrible eating habits but now I’m on completely vegetarian and tinkering with vegan. But I still can’t get rid of cheese completely! Alcohol is an issue cause I’ll have 1-2 beers a few nights a week. But I feel it helps relax the muscles a bit.


    1. Wow! That is one condensed way to get all your nutrients for sure!
      We could definitely NOT give up cheese, as pizza is our #1 weekend indulgence. You are a speeding bullet, so obviously the beers are not wreaking too much havoc:)


  2. Leigh Ann says:

    I indulge too much. Most recently with learning to make sourdough bread. Thanks for the good ideas as I try to get back up to 26.2 someday😊 Been enjoying working with weights lately though.


    1. Weight training is totally worth it. I have been very much lacking in the past year, which is likely part of the cause for my injuries! Best wishes in getting back to your running and keep us informed in the comments as to how it is going. We love to hear about other runners!


  3. bellofan says:

    LOL – I know you have friends! Love you!!


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