Finally Fast(ish) and Nuggets of PB Wisdom

It was 6 miles this morning at 7:31 pace and that brought a big, huge smile to my face.

Em roller Jan 16

It has been so long since I felt remotely fast out there and this is the first “speedy” run since before the Nashville 50 in November, which was when my injury seriously started to be annoying. After was lots of foam rolling on the hip.

My massage therapist, who is awesome by the way—let me know if you live in Louisville and I can get you his digits, pointed out that my pain was along the hip the most, which means the injury may be stemming from the tendon that runs along my hip. The idea was that I was really focusing on stretching my hip, which may have actually been causing the problem to worsen. Sometimes, when runners have aches and pains, I think we tend to assume that stretching is the solution, but I have read more and more that sometimes you may be overstretching a muscle or tendon that may not want/need to be stretched that far. Just some food for thought for you on this Friday.

 Speaking of food, I will show you a picture of the chaos that is our nightly routine.

Dinner prep Jan 16
Will someone please tell Todd to buy a new lunch box?  I am afraid the kids at school will start to make fun of him.


This is a picture after we have already put away most of the food, but we typically come home and pull out every item in our refrigerator and then get to work. See, part of only buying for two people who, as I mentioned here (put a link to the post where I talk about how routinely we eat) basically eat the same thing 80% of the time, means that we eat most of the items in our refrigerator on a daily basis. We either use the food for packing our lunches for the next day or for making our dinner for that night. We don’t really have in rhyme or reason to how we set about making the lunches and dinners. We just keep looking at what the other is working on and pick up where they are leaving off. Sometimes I make his PB sandwich and sometimes he makes my tuna and egg and vice versa. When you are married for so long and you basically spend 100% of your free time together, then you sort of begin to read each other’s minds.

em and Todd 2010

 I will leave you today on this lovely Friday with just a little bit more food for thought that I was contemplating last night as I ate my oatmeal and PB treat for “dessert.”

Oatmeal and Peanut Butter Jan 16

My thought for the day is that you really can’t ever have too much PB. For instance, I have never heard anyone say “You know, this banana would taste a lot better if it just didn’t have PB on it.” Or, “Hhhmmm, I really would like this PB&J sandwich better if it just had less PB.” I mean, really, barring you don’t have a peanut allergy, couldn’t you just eat PB with every meal, snack, midnight fridge raid? Well, there is my observation/wisdom for January 15. We wish you a superb day and meet us back here tomorrow for some more incredibly beneficial bits of knowledge.

 Are you crazy obsessed with PB? (actually, this is really a rhetorical question, so feel free to skip it)

What is your favorite way to eat PB?

Emily: I like to keep mine in the fridge and I am definitely a smooth girl, though I will settle for crunchy if the choice is crunchy or NO PB.

Todd: I like mine on a sandwich with a sliced ripe, but not too ripe, banana.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny says:

    Yeah, peanut butter is the best! My digestive system works best when I rotate my foods, so I rotate in almond butter, cashew butter, pecan butter… then when I go back to peanut butter I’m reminded how far superior it is. Why is it so good?????????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel so bad for folks who cannot eat PB. It truly is one of the reasons I get out of bed each day:)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Valerie (mom) says:

    You are most definitely your mother’s daughter. I love peanut butter:
    With marshmallow cream, with chocolate, with ice cream, in cookies, in pies, in cakes, in cake icing, on bananas, on apples, with crackers, with bread, with Kara syrup (PB with that stuff on it) 😊 with oats, on celery, I know I’m forgetting something but you get the point. There isn’t much. No wait. There isn’t ANYthing to my knowledge that peanut butter isn’t good on.. So that being said – you get it honest…. 😊


  3. bellofan says:

    P.S. And YAY on the 7.31 pace!! 👍


  4. Hollie says:

    That sounds like a great run. I’m happy you were able to achieve such an awesome run.

    I’m actually not the biggest PB fan, I’ll eat it on toast or bread but I’m not crazy about it. There are definitely other foods I like much better.


    1. Thanks, Hollie! It felt so good to get a bit of speed back in my legs after such a long time.

      I cannot imagine my life without PB. What is your go to treat?

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