Warning: Random Pictures, Pace Yourself, and Just Be Goofy

Today is random picture day, so be prepared to see pictures of the Ultra Run Couple dating back to 2008. We will call this Sling Back Saturday.

It was 10 miles of hills today and I meant to keep my pace EASY but I felt good and was not really checking my watch. I ended up going 40 seconds per mile faster than I intended. Here is where the importance of learning to pace yourself comes in. Todd and I pace for marathonpacing.com and have been doing so since 2010, so we are fairly decent at pacing when we are focused on a given time.

Em Before Pace 2011

BUT, when I am not paying attention to my watch, and just going by feel, then I tend to get off base. Here is where balance comes in. I do NOT like to feel like I am stuck on my watch and need to check it every 2 minutes, but I also know that I have to stick to the EASY on easy days or else my fast days will not be the best that they can be.

Em Post Columbus 2006

Up until a few years ago, I actually NEVER ran with a watch. I let Todd do all of my pacing for me. Well, what we found was that this routine actually was leading to me being sort of mean to Todd when he would try to push me. One memorable quote during training for our first marathon when I hit 8 miles for the first time: “Another hill? Seriously, Todd! Why do you hate me?!?”

Columbus Marathon Mile 22

We realized that when I wore a watch, I actually pushed myself harder. This led to a happier Todd and a faster Emily, so a win-win.

Post Nashville 2010

Oh, yeah, and one other thing that has led to a faster Emily is properly refueling after runs.

Em post run Jan 16

Just do this, folks. I used to wait up to 2 hours after runs to eat and I wondered why it took me 3 days to feel recovered. Sometimes my stupidity is astounding.

In other random old pictures news, I just wanted to post this photo to remind you not to take yourself too seriously.

Em Pre Keys 100 2011

Life is full of crap sometimes, but there is typically something good that you can focus on. I got a bit down lately due to my injury, the stock market slump, and general winter blues. But, at the end of the day, there is always a reason to be goofy. Your injury will get better, the stock market cannot go down forever, and spring will come again. Stay positive! And, if winter gets you too far down, then just go to Florida like we will be doing SO SOON.

Todd & Em Florida 2011

Friends/fans/loved ones, please tell us:

Do you wear a watch for most of your runs/workouts/physical activity?

How do you stay positive during the winter (and other) blues?

When do you act most goofy?


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