Protein for Days and Our Friends Feel Sorry for Us

Well, it wasn’t our day yesterday from a football standpoint, but it wasn’t for lack of support from us. Todd sported the Steelers sweatshirt, I rocked the hat, and our brownies that we took over to our awesome friends’ house to watch the game were even rooting for them.

Todd Lettuce Wraps Jan 16Em Before Playoff Game Jan 16Brownies Playoff Game Jan 16

We call these our winter “brownies” because of the snowy look ala the canned icing. PS—I did not partake because my body likes to punish me when I have refined sugar too often and I am ramping up for vacation next week, so trying to be extra cautious so that I can really let loose in the FL. I did definitely partake in this amazing goodness, though.

Lettuce Wraps Jan 16

Our most super fabulous friends made bourbon chicken and rice and also Thai chicken lettuce wraps because 1) they do not trust us to try to cook for them—good call, 2) they know we runners need our protein! and feel sorry for us due to our general deficiencies in the cooking field, and 3) they are just the best people out there and love to feed us. Really, this girl.

Em and Cassie Jan 16

Good Christian friends make my world go round.

Before this football and feasting party went down, we hit up the hills yesterday morning again for 8.5 miles and I decided to be super cool and wear capri pants, pink may I add, with crew cut socks underneath and a green jacket. 

Em before run Sunday Jan 17 2016

I am available for a very reasonable fee if you are looking for a personal shopper/stylist. Email me at ultraruncouple@ and we can set something up. Especially you single ladies out there searching for a good catch—I didn’t land this hottie by slacking on the fashion commitment.

Todd Florida Floor 2011

Okay, enough cross-selling Emily, back to the workout. There are 2 decent hills in a loop about 2 miles from our casa, so we did this routine where we ran up one and then over and down the other and then turned around and ran back up and then back over and down and then back up…you get the idea. It’s a fun way to torture yourself. We then headed back in for some Pilates action and core. This is me showing you how I kill balance routines. I really should have considered ballet because my grace clearly has no bounds.

Em Side Plank Jan 16

We refueled after the workout in the best way – a good dose of Church and some couch time with the snack I am addicted to at the moment: pistachios.

Em Pistachios Jan 16

Don’t worry, no thumbs were sacrificed in the process, unlike on this day “No Pistachio Left Behind”

Off to get some Monday things done. I hope your week is off to a terrific start. And, for those of you misery loves company type folk, Todd is wearing 4 shirts today plus a puffy vest and long johns under his pants.

Todd 4 layers Jan 16

It is not my favorite temperature outside.

Cold Day Jan 16

Tell us in the comments:

Do you have any friends who are amazing cooks or are you the chef of choice for get-togethers?

If you answered yourself to question #1, then why haven’t you invited us over to eat yet?


One Comment Add yours

  1. bellofan says:

    -sorry about the Steelers 😢

    -Thankful for your good friends who also happen to be good cooks!

    -Love your outfit – looks sort of familiar!

    -And your snow day brownies look yummy!

    Your balance – unfortunately comes inherited. 😕

    And I think think I am the chef of choice and you two are welcome here ANY time!! For chicken and dumplings?! Or pancakes?! Or grilled chicken or Boca burgers?! You name it!!! Love you two!! ❤️


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