Frolicking and the Good Stuff

This morning was snowy. It is the first time this season for a big snow, so I had to put on my game face before heading out.

Em before a run Jan 16 Snowy

It was a double glove day, too. I wear gloves that cover half my fingers and have a flap that comes down over the top of my fingers and then add an outer layer large mitten type glove. Over the years, I have tried about every possible combination of gloves to see if anything would keep my fingers from turning into frozen cubes of ice during cold runs, and I have found that this combo is the most effective for me, though not perfect. I still cannot use my fingers to untie my shoelaces immediately afterwards. I just give it a few minutes and they are back to working normally again…the things we runners do for our sport!

We did 7 miles at who knows what pace. It was fun just to be out there and feeling totally hard, though we really looked more like frolickers than runners, given the depth of the snow. We played a fun game of trying to find tiny stretches of shoveled sidewalks and then just running back and forth and back and forth and then moving on in search of the next shoveled stretch. I am sure we looked pretty sane and that the GPS map of our route should be interesting.

I opted for the rain boots with a pair of knee high socks underneath. I am telling you, my style is hard to compete with.

Em and her snow boots Jan 16

Warmth trumps fashion for me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Plus, having cold feet all day is the worst.

And here is a picture of the snow…it is still coming down several hours later, though, so this really does not do it justice, but you get the idea of what we ran in.

Snowy morning from Car Jan 16(PIC)

Nothing like an apple the size of a softball for part of your breakfast. I tend to tell myself that serving sizes are meaningless when it comes to things like apples that have a bijillion nutrients.

Em and apple Jan 16

Last night, we met with our Community Group, which is a small gathering of church friends that meets weekly. We discuss the sermon, pray, and generally share our lives together—anything from joys to deep struggles.

Bible Study Jan 16

It is needed. Along with a daily dose of the good stuff

Faith Love Family Jan 16Our Bible Jan 16

I hope you are having a super awesome day. Hopefully you are able to stay warm and maybe just veg out with a nice cup of coffee and a warm blanket…and maybe a PB sandwich, and pistachios, and popcorn…it is obviously time for me to eat lunch so that I don’t start listing every single food available.

Did you get out in the snow today?

What are you chowing on for lunch?  

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Justin Kane says:

    I enjoyed my drive to work in the snow today and because I came to work they fed me at work and I got Chik-Fil-A for lunch. It was awesome!

    I am so thankful to be your friend. I need to start eating more apples. They are delicious and filling.


    1. Chik-Fil-A is SO good! We are blessed to have great friends and readers!
      A hint on apples in the winter b/c the good kind can get expensive – look for groceries that discount the “off quality” apples. We can typically find Honey Crisp and Fuji large apples at 3 or 4 for only $1 and they only have a spot or two that you can easily eat around!


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