Chores at 5:00 am and URC Grocery Tip

We got in a run this morning. 8.3 miles and it was windy! They are predicting quite the blizzard to hit the Ville today, so we wanted to get in one more solid run before possibly getting snowed in tomorrow. This is Todd getting ready for the run…

Todd ready for run Jan 16

…and this is Todd unloading the dishwasher…totally normal thing to do at 5:00 am

Todd unload dishwasher Jan 16

For the run, we picked a road that we knew would be plowed and also has multiple lanes and minimal traffic. We just hugged the side of one lane and ran against traffic to make sure we could see all the cars at all times. We made it through with no falls and no one threw anything at us from their car window, so I would rate that a success given the conditions.

Sometimes we get asked how we fit in all our training and full time jobs, so I will share with you a little bit about how we approach groceries. I talked about how we are very rountine in our weekly eating in this post. Being so routine enables us to only go to the grocery store once per week, which we typically do on Sundays after church and before our treasured coach time.

Grocery cart Jan 2 16

Em on couch Jan 16

This saves time by not having to go multiple times throughout the week, but it does require some planning. On the way from church to the grocery, we discuss what our lunch and dinner plans are for the week, so that we know if any adjustments need to be made to our typical purchases (i.e. if Todd has to take a customer to lunch, then he will need one less day of lunch items, since he won’t pack his lunch that day). The planning then enables us to buy only what we need, so we end up wasting close to zero food. For example, we know exactly how many bananas we will eat during the week, and buy only that amount of bananas. This is fine for us, because I LOVE super ripe bananas (Todd tolerates them). So, by the time Friday gets here, my banana is close to perfection in my opinion. As you can see, it brings a big smile to my face.

Em banana Jan 16

If you find that food shopping, meal decisions, or anything related to the process are causing you stress, costing you extra time, or generally keeping you from any of your fitness, health, or life goals, then why not try out the weekly planning and one grocery trip idea for one week. We have found that, with a little upfront investment in planning, this saves us time and money, while also ensuring that we stick to our nutrition plan for the week.

I hope you have enjoyed this tip for January 22nd. If so, then please “follow” our blog by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. We would greatly appreciate it! Happy Friday!

 What tip do you have for saving time and/or money in your busy week?

What items are staples on every grocery trip you make?

Do you have a typical grocery day or days?  


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