Snow Mountains, Improvising, and Drastic Change

Well, we had quite the snow in Kentucky last night.

Snow Jan 16

So, we improvised. I started the morning off with some toast and coffee.

Toast Jan 16

I find this to be a great combo for me before a tough effort. I like the mix of caffeine and carbs, while also keeping it light.

We then trekked next store to run on Todd’s sister’s treadmill (thanks, Suzie!).

Todd snow before treadmill Jan 16

We did a fun little work out of 102 minutes total. We alternated with me running one mile while Todd did various strength training activities (squats, planks, burpees, pushups, bicycle crunches, v-ups, lunges, bridges) and then we switched and he did the one mile run while I did the strength training. We worked up a good sweat by the end.

Em treadmill III Jan 16
Excuse the blurriness, but I was too fast for the camera.


Over the years, I have found it to be really important to just keep things flexible. I used to be so strict that, if I had planned to run X amount of miles then it would ruin my whole day if I did not hit that amount of miles. Also, if I had planned to run outside and then had to go on the treadmill, then it could have set me off because it was a deviation from “the plan.” I would convince myself that I was falling behind and would never be ready for whatever race was coming up. This morning, when we saw that running outside would likely be more like “hopping” around for a bit, we decided to just deal with what we were given and run on the treadmill. And, guess what? We actually liked it. It allowed us to push ourselves much harder than we would have if we had attempted to run outside. Plus, with Florida looming, the last thing we wanted to do was to risk getting injured in the snow!

We then headed out to my Dad’s girlfriends salon to get our vacation haircuts. I have been trying to grow my hair for a while and it has gotten quite long for me.

Em prehaircut Jan 16

But, I decided to make a drastic change…

Em during haircut Jan 16

…and waalaa!

Em and Janie JAN 16

Then it was Todd’s turn. His hair had also gotten a bit out of hand.

Todd pre haircut Jan 16

…and now looks much better.

Todd post haircut Jan 16

Thanks for the stylin’ doos, Janie!

Now, we need to eat some lunch and then some UK basketball is in order.

Enough about us, what are you up to today?

Any fun snow adventures lately?

Do you typically get drastic cuts or are you more conservative with your hairstyle changes?

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