First Day in Paradise

We are now in paradise, so there will be many more appealing pictures on the blog for the next week. Like this one from this morning

FL Dolphins 2 Jan 16

Yep, that’s just a few dolphins putting on a show for us while we ate breakfast. The trip was blessedly uneventful yesterday. Just about a 30 minute delay, so, all in all, not too bad. We utilized the time by stretching in the terminal. Very normal stuff.

Em stretching airport Jan 16

Before we left, my mom came over to send us off with a wine and pizza night.

Em and Valerie Jan 16

But, then she told Todd that he was a disgrace to the family unless he got rid of his duct taped lunchbox. So, sadly he complied… 

Todd Old lunch box Jan 16

BUT…then she gave him a new one that even has a little circle on it that changes colors when it reaches a certain temperature to let you know it is cold enough.

Todd new lunch box
Thanks, Valerie. This will bring me much happiness over the years.


Back to this morning. We woke and had our coffee while watching the dolphins play

FL Dolphins Jan 16

Then, off to a run in shorts and no hats or gloves.

Em FL driveway Jan 16

I did wear long sleeves because it was in the mid-fifties, but this is the coldest morning they are predicting while we are here. The other mornings will likely be in the mid-to-high sixties, which we are super okay with. It was an easy 10 miler this morning, because we did 8 miles of treadmill hills yesterday that resulted in this nice and sweaty hair curl:

Em sweaty treadmill Jan 16

and then a pretty tough workout on Saturday that you can read about here. Also, we have speed work tomorrow – Yikes! I am going to try not to be nervous for the rest of today about it.

Em and Todd FL run 4 Jan 16

Next, we headed to the grocery with the in-laws. They are awesome folk. I am so blessed to be in love with my husband’s parents. I realize not everyone gets to feel this way about their married-into families. This is so totally different from our typical grocery trips. We kind love going on the grocery trips with the Bello’s. They get such delicious foods and let me throw extra goodies in that I love, including Fair Life chocolate milk –the same makers of Core Power, fresh cauliflower, deli turkey, tomatoes, and oranges. I am not extremely difficult to please. Here is a shot of our overflowing cart.

Grocery shopping in FL Jan 16

Now, off for more fun relaxing in the sun. We will be taking a boat trip across the island to eat dinner in Fort Myers later. Yeah, pretty tough Monday. Check back tomorrow for more vacation fun!

Where did you go for your last vacation?

What is your favorite running weather?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny says:

    Enjoy your vacation! i live in Florida (over on the east coast though) so pretty much run in a tank top and shorts year round. Somehow I always feel personally responsible for the weather whenever people come to visit, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. We just finished a “cold” snap but it looks like it should be nice for the next few days!


    1. Thanks, Jenny! Got some rain today and it looks like more is coming tomorrow, but we will take this over a foot of snow any day!
      Have you ever run an ultra? We love the race director for the Keys 100 if you ever decide to run one! He also does 50 milers in the Florida area.


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