Cruisin’ to Dinner and Givin’ It My All

Vacation life is not too bad. We set sail with Captain Gary (my dad-in-law) last night

Em FL boat at Willys Jan 16

To go and enjoy some island dinner with friends

FL Jan 16 Willys

This is our ugly view from the restaurant.

FL Jan 16 Willys view

We are working on our blogging skills, but we forgot to get a shot of our actual dinner. I had a Baja salad topped with ahi tuna and French fries and Todd had smoked ribs and black beans and rice. I skipped the French fries because I really try to eat things that make me feel good the night before speed work (more on this later). We then cruised and hung out with friends some more.

FL bay Jan 16

I had some PB and a little bit of whipped cream (the real stuff so almost zero sugar) and then we headed to bed for 8.5 hours of solid sleep.

We woke up this morning around 6:30 am because we try to keep roughly our same sleeping patterns while on vacation, though this is still about 1.5 hours later than we typically get to sleep. We find that if we switch up the patterns too much, then it makes it that much more difficult to get back to normal when we are not on vacation. It just works for us. Then we had some steel cut oats, which were very good. We typically do regular oatmeal, but we have heard such good things about steel cut, so we gave it a try.

Em FL breakfast Jan 16

It was very yummy and I think it gave me super powers on the speed work. We did 8.2 miles total, with 8 half mile repeats and about 2.5 minutes of slow recovery running in between. I crushed the paces that my coach (aka Todd, Toodles, my luvvy hubby) set out for me. I slowed down on repeats 6, 7, and 8, but I heard a podcast that talked about that being the proper way to do speed work because it shows that you are really giving it all that you’ve got. Well, I definitely gave it all that I had because I was pooped by the time we finished.

Em post Jan 26 2016 run FL

Then we did something that I always tell myself that I would do if I had more time and, well, we have plenty of time this week so…we jumped in the pool for our recovery “ice bath.” Yeah, 60 degree water is pretty chilly.

Em ice bath FL Jan 16

But, I did survive in case you were worried.

Em FL Post ice bath Jan 16

And, now I am eating my recovery meal of a banana and a cup of Fair Life chocolate milk (the makers of Core Power so it is liquid awesome) and typing out a message to you fine folks.

Em FL Post Run Recovery Jan 16


I want to know more about you! Please tell us:

Do you do speed work? What is your typical speed work day?

What is your go-to recovery meal?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. bellofan says:

    Tell Todd’s folks hello and looks like you all are truly in paradise. Enjoy! Love the first picture of you setting sail! You look so chillin! And pretty! Love you all have a great time.


    1. Thanks! This certainly beats the snow!


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