Jazzed Up and Silly Jobs

Yay! Fast tempo today! I am feeling like I am getting my confidence back, because it disappeared for a while given my pesky injuries. Coach wanted me to do a one mile warm up followed by a certain pace for 6 miles and then a cool down. I beat his pace for the 6 miles by 15 seconds per mile! It is early in the training season, and I am already hitting the times I hit at the end of the last fast marathon training season I had last year. I am very jazzed up, but also very tired. We ended up doing 9.4 miles total. I may just take a quick nap like I did yesterday.

Em FL Napping Jan 16

But first, recovery fuel. Banana and PB sandwiches rock our worlds.

PB and Bananas FL Jan 16

Well, in general, PB adds joy to my days, which you can read more about in this post. 

Yesterday was a rainy day, so we pretty much vegged out the whole day. We did hit up my father-in-law’s awesome weight area. I would have much more interest in lifting weights if I got to have an ocean view while doing it.

FL Weights Jan 16

I have decided that squats are irritating my hamstring/quad/hip flexor, so we are going to lay off these for a while.

Em squat Jan 16

The sun if FINALLY trying to peak out from the rainy clouds, so we will maybe hit up a little beach walk like we did the other day.

Em FL beach Jan 16

Seriously, why don’t we live here permanently? Oh, yeah, silly jobs that get in the way. We have some fun in store for the next few days, so please come back to visit. In the meantime, though, please tell us:

Where would you live if you could choose anywhere in the world?

What about anywhere in the US?

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