So Much Running…So Much Fun!

Running next to my best buddy is 10 x’s the best, especially it this lovely land.

Tween Water Stretch 2 35 Jan 16

We stayed in on Friday night and had a very low key dinner with a few extra carbs to prepare for our big Saturday adventure. Then we woke up, ate some oatmeal to give us super powers, smiled for a photo, and were off.

Em and Todd pre run 35 mile FL Jan 16

We planned to eat and drink every hour and we stayed pretty spot on.

Todd water fountain 35 FL Jan 16

We made up some yummy PB and blackberry jelly wheat wraps for part of our fuel.

Todd FL 35 Mile Jan 16

Seriously, these views

Em Point Jan 16 35 Mile FL

We decided to run from one side of the island to the other because 1) we had never done this before and thought it would be neat to say we had done it, 2) we really didn’t have anything else to do and what better way to explore?, 3) we just love hanging out together on foot, and 4) Todd likes to stare at my toosh for several hours on end.

We totaled 35 miles. Then, we ate lots and lots of good food, including but not limited to: the most awesomest bagels in the whole world made super fresh in Fort Myers, turkey and cheese, crab cakes, salmon, black beans and rice, and ice cream. My body typically hates me when I eat refined sugar, so I only eat ice cream about once every other month BUT when we run this long, then my body can handle sugar a bit better. It was tasty and worth it and I am fine today, so all is well.

In fact, we got up and ran 15 miles this morning just to get a little extra ultra training in. We did it super slowly, but that is the best way we have found to train for the ultra distance. Trying to balance speedy PR marathon training with prepping for some of our other LONG goals for this summer can be quite the balance, so we are continually trying new things. (PS I will share our goals around the LONG distance on a future post SO stay tuned and FOLLOW us if you don’t want to miss out;))

We are now chowing on some granola and Fair Life chocolate milk and will soon set sail for a late lunch at an oceanside restaurant. We hope your Sunday is going terrifically!


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