Pretty Pictures and Random Toddpeeves

I feel as if you all may not adequately realize the depth of my oddness, so here you go.

Em picture FL Feb 16

Nothing frightening or shocking here, just sometimes I make faces that really have nothing to do with the current situation. Like when Todd saw that I had just completed the coloring page that I had been working on for the past few days and said “hey, I will get a picture for the blog” and this was my automatic reaction. Totally normal.

On to other island matters. We boated to lunch yesterday.

Em and boat Jan 31 2016

And had power packed meals yesterday because we wanted to treat our bodies extra special since they treated us so well on the 50 miles we fed them between Saturday at 8 am and Sunday at 11:30 am. Me with shrimp, pine nuts, egg, and spinach salad (since I told you in this post that I am always trying up my iron) and Todd with grouper tacos.

Em and Todd Green Flash Jan 31 2016

Have I showed you a picture of my mother-in-law? She’s on the left and is one cool chick.

Mom and Peg Jan 31 2016

She is fixing me chicken and spinach lasagna tonight because she knows I do not eat red meat. She also does things like leaves me whole heads of fresh cauliflower and broccoli in the fridge when she knows we are coming to visit. Yep, I am her favorite daughter-in-law, bar none. Okay, so Todd only has sisters, but whatever. I would still win.

We had an easy 7.5 miles this morning and it was SUNNY and WARM. The first day where I really had sweat dripping into my nose on the run. Those are good kinds of runs.

Em Run 2 Feb 1 2016 FL

Em Run 5 Feb 1 2016 FL

And, yeah, this means people have actually done this, so…

Alligator sign 2 FL Feb 1 2016


We also got some video footage of me running so that Coach Lovely Bunch can analyze it a bit. He thinks I am running to high on my forefoot and it may be leading to the tiny bit of heel pain I have gotten of late. Plantar Fasciitis: I have been to your house of horror and do not want to return anytime soon. SO, I will be good and do my feet stretches and work on my form more if that is what Coach mandates. I will keep you posted.

Em Run 6 Feb 1 2016 FL

Then we ended with some core work and lifting. Caveat to the forthcoming picture: Todd never runs shirtless and gets a bit peeved at the idea because 1) he never thinks it is that hot, 2) he doesn’t want to get sunburned, and 3) he feels that if I can run with a shirt – and I also NEVER run in my sports bra—then he can, too. But, when we were doing core work, he had already taken his shirt off because, once we finish running when we are down here, we jump in the pool because it serves as an “ice bath” given the temperature is below 60. Well, I wanted to get a picture of him because I think you all may feel that this blog is all my pictures sometimes and, let’s face it, I may be awesome, but there is only so much beauty that you all can stand in one post. Todd did not want me to post a picture of him shirtless, but I was able to convince him that a picture from the back was okay and still portrayed his professional image. So, alas, here we are:

Todd squats Feb 1 2016 FL

We hope that your Monday is simply marvelous. Tell us:

What is the best thing about your Monday so far?

Do you take odd photos? If so, is it on purpose or do you just get caught off guard?



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