Leaving Paradise and “Guest” Post

We are leaving paradise today and headed back to almost paradise. Really we are very blessed in that we love our life at home of running and loving and ultra living. God is good! Now, if God could just throw us a tiny bone and make it NOT snow next week like they are predicting, then that would be a nice way to ease us back into the swing of things:)

Today we have a wonderful surprise for you…a “guest” post. Okay, not really a guest, but Todd has agreed to narrate all the pretty pictures that we took over our vacation that did not make it in due to the tons of other important things I had to tell you over the course of the past 10 days. I will return tomorrow to tell you about our run today and the general going-ons of the URC. And now, please welcome my Coach Toodlepoops to the stage:

Dolphins 2 bigger Jan 31 2016
Sometimes on the boat, if you go just the right speed, these wonderful creatures will follow you.  One of the many reasons why I love spending time in Florida.
Em Lemon Picking Feb 1 2016
Em reaches for an orange…nope, they are lemons.  Many people are fooled by these large lemons and have an unpleasant experience when they peel and bite into them.
Em boat to lunch Feb 3 2016
Em keeps an eye on our destination as we are headed to lunch on the smaller boat.  If you have been reading this blog, you know how important meal times are to Em.
Em FL Orange Jan16
Now this is an orange with Em showing her pleasure in the simple things in life.
Boat FL Feb 3 2016
Aye, Matey!  Well, it’s not really a pirate’s ship.  Look closely at the top, right hand of the front mast.  Yes, that is her job.
2014 Sanibel view at sunrise
I never tire of the morning sunrise in Sanibel.  Good bye.  We will see you next year!

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