YES  – the Bello’s are still alive and now Em is back to “kickin” too! I missed you guys! I am rethinking the number of posts that I think are feasible each week, but I will be posting at least a couple posts per week. If you want to make sure you are in the first to know when a post hits…then PLEASE FOLLOW OUR BLOG! Click the follow button at the bottom of the website or you can comment to/email me if you are like me and are technically challenged and I can help walk you through how to follow.

 Back to the catch up blog. A couple of things since we last spoke way back here in early February Traveling Light and In-Law Blessings.

 A)     I learned, once again, that I am not invincible. Remember how we celebrated Todd’s birthday while we were in Sanibel by running 35 miles (link to “So Much Running, so much fun” Jan 31)? Well, I may not have been fully ready for it after my hamstring/hip flexor issue. I somehow was overcompensating for that issue with how my left foot was striking the ground and, a few days later, we were doing speed work and all of a sudden my ankle/heel area just started having shooting pains. Within a day I could hardly walk. There was no possibility of running and even the elliptical hurt it. So, I was a GOOD GIRL and took two full weeks off totally of everything.Em Icing her Hamstring Jan 16

B)      I am not the same Emily when I am not running, but this was an especially dark time. I was tired of winter, I was worried about even being able to walk around while on an upcoming trip that I will tell you about later, and I just lost all motivation for life. I felt all my goals for the upcoming running season slipping away and I simply withdrew from everything – hence, my hiatus from this awesome outlet. Em Feb 2016

C)      I realized that I CANNOT let life stop when I am not running. I have SO much else going in life. Including, but certainly not limited to, this special, amazing, supportive, incredible, love of my life.Todd FL beach Jan 16

D)     I am FINALLY almost 100% healed and am back to running, though I am not sure that my April 30th marathon is going to be the PR that I was aiming for now that I had about 5 weeks off of real speed training. But, such is the running life! We shall see…

E)      We went on an amazing trip to Disney, which requires at least one full post…so more to come next week. Disney baggage tags Feb 2016

F)      Winter passed and hopes of Spring are everywhere! 

Okay, that’s enough for now. We will talk to you in a few days, but first, please tell us: 

What were you up to while we were silent? 

How often do you want to see posts from us per week?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wendell says:

    I was on an amazing trip to Disney one of the weeks you were off! Had a great time with some very special people!!


  2. As did we! Stay tuned for the blog about our Disney adventure. It was awesome.


  3. Jenny says:

    Glad you are back!


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