Tip Top of the Week to Ya

Tip top day to you fine folks (I am pretending to sound Irish in honor of St. Patty’s day this week) and I hope you had a terrific Pi Day yesterday! I am traveling this week…No, not to Florida like you all are guessing, since I visited that fine state for 4 weeks out of winter thus far this year. I am actually in Wisconsin through Wednesday for work. That said, we ran EARLY o’clock on Monday morning (think…the alarm had a 3 as the first number when we woke up) and got a bit over 8 miles in. We had a solid weekend, with 14 miles on Saturday, 12 of which were fast and hilly by my current standards. Then we repeated the distance on Sunday but with a much flatter route and at a much slower pace. We also got to frolic in the rain for the entire time which prompted us to try out our brand new rain jackets. Yay for North Face rain jackets at 50% off! Yay for using a $100 gift card to buy Todd and me matching getups. Em New jacket mar 2016

To picture Todd, just think of this exact jacket in a slightly darker shade of blue. Yep, we are evidently THAT couple who dresses alike now.

On my welcome back note last week, I do want to expand on the point of me withdrawing from society as a result of my injury. For the record, this is NOT OKAY. I am not condoning my actions, but just telling you how it was for me. I am working on improving, but, unfortunately, I can get pretty caught up in measuring my self-worth based on running and, in general, on accomplishments. Without running, it is easy to think – what did I really accomplish today? Barring you have a job where you can see immediate impact for you work, such as a doctor healing a sick patient, or a police officer preventing a crime, it can often become difficult to see progress in our careers. And, if you are like most Americans, you spend the majority of your day working on your career. Running has always been an extra “insurance” if you will that, no matter what else I may or may not achieve for the day, hey – at least I ran! BUT, this is NOT life folks (ehhemm – EMILY I am talking to YOU)! God brings meaning and purpose to my life and I need to share the way He has blessed me each and every single day, be that through work, or through interactions with others, or, God-willing, through running.

So, in summary, I apologize for my absence over the past month. I am a dork sometimes who cannot see the shining bright stars in her life because of one very minor injury that causes me to not run for one very minor month. Also, please reach out to me or others if you are ever feeling down, down, down. It is just not worth bottling it up inside. Especially when there are so many awesome things out there to explore.

Or, when all else fails, just tease a dog with a peanut butter container if you ever need a reason to smile. PS – you cannot see it, but the doggy drool is literally hanging to the floor. Em and Georgia Feb 3 2016


Did you have any fun weekend activities?

Did you celebrate Pi Day?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. We binge watched house of cards and surprise. ..I think I cooked lol

    This post did my heart good. I’m excited to see your growth, and excited to walk life with you guys as you run….. lol


  2. Hollie says:

    Glad to see you back and that jacket looks nice.I can never resist a good sale on running clothing.


  3. Priscilla says:

    That is certainly a very cute dog, and your hair is darling! What else do you need? Hang in there kid, you’ve got all the wisdom you need to make it! And make it very nicely! I’m in your corner!


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