Hotel Puppy and …Disney!

HELLO INTERNET FRIENDS! I am back from traveling and LOVED being outside for the run this morning. We did a 1 mile warm up with a 1 mile cool down and 6 miles of tempo in between. I hit my paces spot on, so that was certainly a confidence booster! I was in a super safe town while traveling for work this week, but I just don’t like running in the dark by myself on streets that I do not know, regardless of how safe they might be. So, I was forced to mill it for a couple of days. Props to you out there who run the treadmill every day. My brain was going numb after only two days. When we lived in Cincinnati, we used to run the treadmill all the time because the winter was pretty brutal there. We even did 25+ mile runs on the old mill, but not anymore. I decided to steel myself and just make myself run outside even in the super cold temps. I feel like running on the treadmill just makes my ankles too weak and then I have a tough time transitioning back to the roads, so I just need to suffer through for the winter months.

 One more thing about my business travel this week: there is a hotel that I stay in when I am traveling that sometimes has little doggies that are up for adoption just hanging out in the lobby. It is an AWESOME program because it gives the pups a lot of attention that they may not get in the shelter and the pups unusually get adopted within a few weeks due to all the exposure. The dogs are the primary reason I stay at this particular hotel, so I will show you some pics of the little cutie I got to hang out with over the past couple of days. Em and Judy March 2016

They even let me take her for a walk because they could tell we hit it off and that I was a dog person.

Judy Green Bay March 2016

 Okay, on to the meat of the post for this week. Over the past couple of months, you may recall that I have been referencing a very special trip that I was taking to Disney World with some very special people. Well, I did not mention that I WON the trip AND it has a truly excellent story behind the win. I LOVE writing, as hopefully you can tell because it shines through on this blog. So, when I saw an essay contest that asked me to write about how I inspire health in family members, I just had to enter. You see, I immediately thought of a super solid way in which I have inspired health in a member of my family. Todd and I got my dad to start running a few years ago and “made” him run a marathon a few months before he turned 60. He lost weight, got his blood pressure under control, and just generally started having a healthier lifestyle. As a Christmas present, we gave him entry into a marathon and promised to train him and run the race with him. To say he was skeptical at first is quite the understatement. BUT, he was crying tears of joy at the end and now he has the accomplishment to think back on anytime life gets difficult.

Anyway…I wrote about this experience (sorry, I cannot post it because I am not permitted to republish the story as it now belongs to the company that sponsored the contest) and…in April of 2015…I found out that I won the contest! Little did I know just what this entailed. For a mere 250 word essay that literally took me 15 minutes to write, I had won a trip for 4 to Disney World for 8 days and 7 nights, with all expenses paid! We got to stay at a deluxe resort (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, balcony, the works), indulge in the deluxe meal plan (5 star restaurants included!),  enjoy unlimited park hopper passes, and make memories with unlimited free digital downloads of all the pictures we took for free in the parks. Allowing me 3 guests was just perfect because it meant that I could take Todd and Dad and also his awesome girlfriend Janie, who you may recognize as our cool hairstylist that we have featured on previous posts. In summary, it was truly a magical experience that we will all cherish for the rest of our days.  

Now that the explanation is out there, I will slowly be including awesome photos randomly throughout the blog – possibly for the next year, as we have about 300 to get through. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?


Em and Wendell Orlando Airport Feb 20 2016
Pops and I at the airport upon arrival in Orlando. As you can see, my Magic Band is in place. I am ready for magic.
Caurosel Feb 26
The Carousel was the name of our building where we stayed at Saratoga Springs.
Todd Slide Paddock Feb 20
Todd felt it was necessary to go down the slide on the 1st day.


Going wild in Animal Kingdom.

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  1. wendell2016 says:

    Definitely a fantastic vacation. I would run many more marathons if a dream vacation such as this was waiting at the finish line. I thought my daughter and husband hated me while I was training for the marathon. But was extremely happy they did when we crossed that finish line hand in hand. And the Disney trip was such a wonderful bonus for the all of the training!


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