Happy Spring and Weekend Matters

Seriously, does it get any better than Spring! A few of my favorite things, in no particular order:

  • It is finally warming up, which means no more pants on the runs
  • Summer is the next season
  • So much more sunshine ahead
  • It marks the beginning of racing season
  • My in-laws come back from Florida
  • Easter which marks the greatest Victory of all time

And, a not so favorite thing that I did anyway:

Em Cleaning Mar 2016

Todd has been super busy with work lately, so I took on the cleaning this weekend. I decided to spread it out over two weeks for ultimate enjoyment – or just because I can easily get overwhelmed if I do too much of it as once. So, this weekend was bathrooms, vacuuming, and floors. Next weekend is the kitchen – it gets extra time because I like to get down to the details. I consider it the second most important room in the house (next to the SLEEPING room), so it deserves the extra love.

To expand upon the productivity, we did an 18 mile hilly run on Saturday in the rain, rain, rain. We were using it as a “workout” long run, so I was meant to push myself, and push I did. Coach Todd prescribed paces that increased with each two mile segment until I hit the end of the very hilly section and then I got to back down for 2 miles before picking it up again. It kicked my runner tail, but I felt SO much confidence afterwards. WORTH.IT! Then, we did another 18 miles on Sunday before church, but this time we went 1.5 minutes per mile slower than on Saturday. No pictures for the runs, but if you want a reminder of what we look like preparing to run in the rain, then you can check out the post from last week where we sported our new jackets, “Tip Top of the Week to Ya” . Yeah, I think it rains too much around here. Isn’t it supposed to be April showers instead of March showers? I just want the flowers part to come soon please. Thanks.

But if you do just want to look at more awesome pictures…then how about some Disney flashbacks?

Just getting started in Hollywood Studios


HS Tower of Terror Feb 22
My face froze this way after the Tower of Terror.


HS Storm Troopers Feb 22
You are not so tough…I photobombed you – ha!




What is your favorite part about Spring?


One Comment Add yours

  1. bellofan says:

    MY favorite thing about spring!?! Getting down and dirty ~ in my flower and vegetable gardens!!! That is!!! Love diggin’ in the dirt!!! ❤️ You two!


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