Questions We Ask to Get Out the Door

We have to get better at taking pictures. We got really good back in January and then our break made us delinquent. Net – you will get to enjoy more Disney photos at the end of the blog.

 I do have a picture of Todd’s cowlick prior to our run this morning. He sure is a cutie!

Todd Pre Run March 2016

We did hard hills yesterday and included one that falls towards the end of the marathon that I will be running on April 30th (and, hopefully, PR’ing in!). We ran it hard for 12 sets and I was ready to stop by the end. Actually, I was ready to stop at the beginning. Think – during the warmup when I say “beginning.” So, I will address a question that we get often: “How do you get started when you just don’t feel like it?” Em 2010 Newport

 Some people truly think that Todd and I do not experience these struggles, as they relate “ultra runner” with “not normal.” Well folks, sorry to break it to you, but we are super, super, super normal in most of the thoughts and struggles that we experience as they relate to running. The way we handle these struggles, though, may be what sets us apart from some. When we have days that we just don’t want to do it, then, most of the time at least, we just do it anyway. When the “oh, blah, this stinks” start to go through our minds, we like to ask ourselves two questions: “Will we feel better later today if we don’t run right now?” and “Will we feel more up to this certain run tomorrow?”

The first question helps us to address whether we are truly so tired that we will actually have more energy later in the day if we do not choose to run that morning. It is surprising how seldom this actually happens. We almost always feel better during days that we run. However, if we are injured or facing extreme fatigue, then we most certainly will feel worse later that day if we choose to run. For these situations, it is definitely best for us to get some extra rest and not run that day.

We love/hate the second question because this one really makes us tell the truth on days when we just don’t really want to do the given workout because we are being wimp-faces. This often happens on days when we are doing speed work (typically Tuesdays and Thursdays). We blame it on ultra running, but we are just really intimidated by these runs. As a result, we often try to “blah” our way out of runs on these days or try to talk ourselves into just doing an easy run instead. BUT, when we ask the question “Will we feel more up to this certain run tomorrow?” We almost always realize that we are just wimping out and, no, we will not like this run any more tomorrow, so we may as well get it over with today.  

That’s it folks. No special potion. No super powers. We are not some freaks of nature. We just tend to talk to ourselves differently than a lot of people out there. If you are truly honest with yourself, then you will likely not skip as many runs.  

Now, for your eye pleasure, some awesome Disney shots.


Which one is the real Goofy?
BB 2 Feb 22
Getting some sun at Blizzard Beach
California Grill Wine Feb 24
Oh so much wine!  Which to choose?




What do you do to get yourself out the door on difficult days?


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