Back-to-Back 20s and God Is Good!

We hope your Monday is off to a fabulous start. Our weekend was truly awesome. So much sunshine for this blessed Easter holiday.  

And also so much running! We did 20 miles on Saturday with a little twist. We did a 2 mile warm up, followed by 5 miles at tempo pace, then two miles cool down, then we did 0.5 mile all out, followed by 1 mile easy, then 0.5 mile all out, followed by 1 mile easy, and repeated this 6 times, which took as to about 2 miles remaining for a nice, long cool down. I LOVE getting hard workouts in for our Saturday miles. I did very well for me right now and it certainly served as a confidence booster that is much needed with T-minus 33 days until go time! We then did 20 easy miles on Sunday morning. I made sure to get a lot of stretching and icing in between those efforts. I want to keep my ankle happy since it has done so much for me latterly.  

Em Iced Foot Mar 2016Don’t worry, I do not run in these socks. They are discards from past running days. Hence the beautiful wear-n-tear.  

Sunday we headed to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ and then met up with our small Bible study/living life together group and had some awesome grilled chicken and other stuff. The chicken stole my attention so I kind of forgot what else was involved. Easter Grilling Chicken March 2016


You might recognize the chef – our best friends who make sure to feed us tremendous grub at least once per month. Really, God knew what he was doing when he sent these two folks to us. They are just who we need to walk through this life together.

 Easter March 2016

I hope your Easter was as super fabulous as ours and that God as front and center of it all! Talk to you in a few days.  

What did you do for Easter?

Any fun workouts or long runs in the past few days?


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  1. Hollie says:

    It sounds like you had the perfect weekend and the mileage is incredible. Nice job!


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