Happy April, Running Win, and More Disney Pics

First and foremost – Happy April! Golly gee, we love Spring and Summer around here. April means the beginning of racing season, which makes our hearts sing songs of joy to our Lord! 

Have I mentioned we are bad with remembering to take pictures? Well, it is true. We took a total of zero this week. Honestly, though, our lives are fairly typical from day-to-day. Do you all like to see pictures of our meals and/or running shots? Let us know in the comments. I am still getting used to this blogging thing and need some feedback on what our 10 readers actually like to see. Thus, you will get more Disney pics at the end of the post because we have about 300 to bleed through and they still just bring big smiles to our faces. That and my Dad and Janie make up 20% of our viewership, so at least they are interested in the Disney recaps!  

Since we have not chatted since Monday, I will fill you in on our running endeavors. Tuesday was 10×0.5 mile repeats with 2 minutes of slow jogging between sets. I hit each repeat between 6:45-6:55/mile pace, so I was happy with the workout. Wednesday was a super easy day. Then Thursday it was absolutely pouring and thundering/lightening in the am, so we took the day off running and did some elliptical cross-training and core work. As a runner, there is little else that bores me more than the elliptical, but I digress.  

Since Thursdays are our typical “time trial” days in which we run the same 6.25 mile tempo route each week to gauge my progress, we shifted that run to today. We did a 1 mile warmup and a 1 mile cool down with the 6.25 miles of a quite hilly route at 7:18s. For me, that run simply rocked and I really needed the confidence booster. That is the fastest I have EVER run a tempo outside (i.e. not on the treadmill). I am still behind where I probably need to be to hit my PR in exactly 30 days from now, but, I will take a win when I can get it and I chalk this morning up to a win in my training log.  

I hope you each enjoy this first weekend of April and that you make it fabulous in every way.  

Now, on to Disney pictures.  

Is that a Tinkerbell sighting?
Hulk Disney Springs Feb 23
Don’t worry.  We were able to escape his grasp injury free.
Pluto will always bring a smile!

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