Keeping Me Alive and Weekend What-Have-You’s

I need to just say that nuts and nut butters are keeping me alive these days. Seriously, I am starving ALL.THE.TIME given our fast running and lots of miles and I just cannot get enough nuts. Feel free to send me nuts if you want to thank me in some way for all the awesome posts I supply you with.

Em eating PB April 2016

PS – I also love oatmeal and PB, but you all definitely know that if you have been reading for very long.

PB and Oatmeal April 2016

The weekend runs went down and they were good. Recall from Friday (Happy April, Running Win, and More Disney Pics) that I had a very good tempo run on Friday morning – switched from our typical Thursday tempo due to Todd’s crazy work schedule and the thunderstorms. So, Saturday was an easy 12 miles and Sunday was the hard 12 miles. Started Sunday with a 1 mile warm up followed by the fastest 10 miles I have ever done while not in a race and then ended with a 1 mile cool down. This was all followed by my nose absolutely pouring for the next 24 hours. I have never had allergies before, but they all of a sudden decided to kick in at the age of 30?!? Whatever…at least I am not injured! Saturday night also included Dad and Janie coming to visit and we had a delicious meal at a restaurant that we have never before tried, which I think fueled my ability to crush the Sunday morning workout. HINT – Dad, you should come and feed me before every hard run!  We used to be the type of people that always ate at the exact same restaurant (shocking, I know, given we are not very routine in everything we do!), but we now try to spice it up and try different places each time Dad and Janie come to visit.

 Well, gotta run and do Monday things.  

How was your weekend? Any good runs?

Do you typically eat at the same places or do you try new things?


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