Back-to-Back 25 Milers and Fun with My Mommy!

Happy Monday internet friends! Anyone else STARVING? No, just me. Sorry, I got sidetracked because food seems to the #1 thing on my mind lately. Example: Todd and I have a hill that we do on “easy” Monday runs sometimes. We run about 2 miles to the hill, then go up and down it about 13 times, then run home. Sometimes I pick a theme for the hill and every time we run up we have to say something related to that theme in the order of the alphabet. Today, I chose “favorite foods.” So, the first time we ran up, we were to say our favorite food that began with the letter “A” and so on. I found myself being able to name at least 5 foods per letter. So, yeah, I think about food a lot lately.  

In other running news, we ran a tough 25 miler on Saturday. We did a progressive run where we started off with a 2 mile warm-up, then we did 8 miles at 15 seconds per mile slower than marathon race pace, followed by 1 mile easy (during which I also ate half a protein bar and drank some water, then we did 4 miles at marathon race pace, followed by 1 mile easy (during which I ate and drank again), then we did 4 miles slightly faster than marathon race pace, then we did 1 mile easy, followed by 3 miles at steady run pace (8:15s based on my goal marathon pace), and finished up with a 1 mile cool down. Todd had to work on Sunday (very rare, but it happens when you own your own business) and, since we only have one vehicle, I decided I may as well just run until he got home. I ended up doing another 25 miles easy pace and just frolicked along and enjoyed the scenery. It was quite pleasant and I really wasn’t very sore.  

Net – this weekend’s running = awesome. Now you know the reason why I am only thinking about food. I will again throw out the offer that, if you feel so inclined, we accept all delicious food that you want to send out way (including most leftovers). 

One more terrific thing about the weekend…my mommy came into town to stay with us on Saturday. Since Todd was working all day Saturday after our run, my lovely mom came to hang out with me, and hang out we did. We had lunch at Panera, where we both had delicious protein-packed Asian chicken salad with almonds.

Em Salad April 2016Em and Val lunch April 2016

Then, we went on a very productive Costco trip, where I got to restock on enormous sized oatmeal packs, almonds, peanuts, and pistachios. Next, we went to the movies and had so much fun. It has been about 6 years since I have been to the movies with Mom.

Movie tickets April 2016

The movie was very cute. We also shared popcorn for extra fun.

Em and Val April 2016

Then we came home and enjoyed some drinks and Potbelly’s sandwiches.

 Revision: Net – this weekend’s time with mom + yummy food + running = awesome.

 What did you get into this weekend?

Do you ever run/workout just to pass the time?

Favorite food lately?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. bellofan says:

    It was a great and busy time!! And awesome food! Loved the movie – Sally Fields should not look this old . . .
    And enjoyed the company as well!! Sorry Todd couldn’t join us for all the fun Saturday!!
    Love you and see you again soon!! 💕


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