Training My Brain and Other Thursday Things

I had somewhat of a “breakthrough” week in training. After we talked on Monday (Back-to-Back 25 Milers and Fun with My Mommy!), I ran my fastest EVER 10 x ½ mile repeats on Tuesday morning. Then had an easy 9 miles yesterday. Followed by my fastest EVER 6.5 mile tempo run this morning. We do both the Tuesday and Thursday workouts on the same exact route, so that, from week-to-week, there is total comparability in my times. I can honestly say that I feel way stronger than I have before in training, so HOPEFULLY that strength will translate into 1.5 minutes faster than my fastest ever marathon!

This is me after another breakthrough effort a few years back when I set my 3:16 PR.


 This brings me to the topic of training my brain. I have really been focused on the brain element this time around in training. In past training cycles and races, I have found myself looking at other girls and saying “yeah, they are beating me but it is because they are training harder and I just don’t have that in me.” BUT, this time around, I have been using the mantra “I deserve this!” Versus thinking that I cannot do something that someone else is doing because that person is faster, stronger, healthier, (basically fill in the blank with any inferior type of thought here), I am now saying “you got this, Em, and you deserve it because you work hard and you are a strong gal, indeed!”  

So, I feel like I have my training in order, or at least have definitely made some breakthroughs, and I have my mind in order. Now comes the hard part…starting next week we will be tapering, which means I have to reign myself in, cut back, rest, and not sabotage my hard effort thus far with trying to do too much.  

Onto other Thursday things…our awesome friends made us granola and chicken lettuce wraps because Todd is having a solidly crazy week with his work and has a few other big concerns on his mind. Ryan and Cassie – you make our hearts swell! Golly, goodness, our God is good to give us these folks! 

And, in other reoccurring news, I am HUNGRY!!! Off to eat some yogurt and oatmeal/PB while admiring my wedding pic of the love of my world. All, of course, while working hard at my day job.

 Yogurt, P Butter, and oatmeal April 2016

Have you had any breakthroughs in training recently? In life? 

What is your go-to mantra lately? Can I steal it on race day if needed?


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