Warm Running and Massage Time

Aahhh, what a weekend! I hope everyone out there in the internet land had the chance to get out and enjoy the weekend. I double hope that you did so in the same warm sunshine that God sent our way here in the Ville. It was in the 70s on Saturday and Sunday and we dressed the part in our shorts, short sleeved shirts, and sunglasses.Em Pre Run April 2016

 Todd likes to get his think on with some puzzles and/or reading right before our long runs. Okay, to be more truthful, it keeps him occupied while I piddle around, which is sort of my MO prior to a 25 mile progressive run because I am putting off the pain for as long as possible. Todd Pre Run April 2016

We did a 25 mile run with the first 21 at long run pace and the last 4 at 30 seconds faster than long run pace. Yeah, picking up the speed at the end of a 25 miler when all I really want to do is eat everything and drink all the water…not an easy thing for me. Alas, I did it, though.  

Then we did proceed to eat everything in sight until about 2:30, at which point I got super excited because we headed to my new FAVORITE masseuse. If you live in the Louisville or New Albany area and you like very reasonably priced, very amazing massage therapists, then you HAVE TO VISIT RACHEL at New Albany Massage. In addition to being located in the cutest little area of New Albany, she REALLY knows her stuff when it comes to runner massage needs. Please, Please, Please go to see her asap and tell her that Emily and Todd sent you (we will then get a discount, which is super, super, super, super appreciated because my muscles NEED this massaging right now). Massage is certainly something that I can get cheap about and easily convince myself that I don’t need it. Especially when I do not have a specific injury that is holding me back. BUT we all know that preventative maintenance is SO much more fun than waiting to get injured and then having to deal with fitting in (and affording in your budget!) many sessions at once.  

I felt great on our 12 mile run yesterday and again today on our 8 mile run. I know this massage stuff is needed and I FINALLY found someone who is legit and truly knows the runner’s body.  

I hope your Monday is off to a great start and reach out if you need more info on Rachel! 

Do you get massages? If so, how often? Do you prefer deep tissue or more relaxing spa style?

Did you get to enjoy the warm weather? If so, what did you do?


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