Talk to You After the Race!!!

Today was my last half mile repeat day prior to the race and I ran the fastest ever half mile – EVER!!! I ran a 3:04, which is about a 9.8 mph pace. I have never even hit that pace on a treadmill with the incline at zero. So, with that note, I am going to say peace out until Monday, May 2nd. I am traveling for work next week and will generally just be a ball of nerves, so it is best for me to lay a bit lower.  

Feel free to track me at the Derby Festival Marathon website on April 30th. Either way it works out, I know that I gave this training cycle my absolute all. I also know that my coach is the bomb. So, talk to you after the race. Hopefully I will have some good news to share!Em ready to go


One Comment Add yours

  1. bellofan says:

    9.8 👏🙆👏🙆👍🙆👍🙆
    Great job ~
    Love you all 💞


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