Back to Our True Love

Oh, the excitement! Living in Louisville, we get a sort of “second Christmas season” around here…it’s called the Derby. Religious aspects fully aside (b/c, of course, the birth of our Lord is way, way, way higher above anything else),the Derby week is even better than Christmas b/c it takes place in beautiful, sunny, flowers-in-bloom May versus cold, bleak, “we know that the worst is yet to come,” December.  

So, full disclosure, Todd and I actually do a total of zero in terms of participating in the Derby festivities, BUT this week marks a celebration for us as it indicates that our true love is returning…ultra racing season!!! 

With my failure to reach my goal in the marathon last week (No Excuses and Onwards to 48 Hour Training!) completely behind me now, I am already enjoying our first week of ultra training. We are only four days in, but it has been one cool week. We did 10 easy miles on Monday, 11 easy miles on Tuesday, 12 hilly miles on Wednesday, and 13 miles today with ladder speed work (0.25 mile hard, 30 secs. recovery, 0.5 mile hard, 1.5 minute recovery, 0.75 mile hard, 2 minute recovery, 1 mile hard, 2.5 minute recovery, 0.75 mile hard, 2 minute recovery, 0.5 mile hard, 1.5 minute recovery, 0.25 mile hard, 30 secs recovery).  Net – I just love running long, long, long with some fast stuff thrown in the middle. We will be hitting up the back-to-back long runs this weekend, so check back on Monday for an update!

And, to leave you with some fun…the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was in town this week. We could not help ourselves with this shot.  

Todd eating Oscar Mayer hotdog May 2016

Do you do anything special for the Derby? 

What are you excited about on this fine Thursday?

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