Trails! And 114 Miles in the Books

What a terrific weekend we had together! Seriously, beautiful May weather and running crazy amounts of miles with my BFF is THE BEST! We hit up a little over 33 miles throughout the roads of Indiana and Kentucky on Saturday morning. You cannot see that well in the picture, but I sort of had a run-in with the sidewalk around mile 15, so that was fun. First fall of the season – good to get it out of the way early, I guess. Just a bloody knee and elbow to make me look super tough for the next 18 miles…

Em Hurt Knee 33 Mile Run May 2016

Then we got home and ate lots of food and did lots of this…

Em after 33 miles May 2016

While watching the Derby and admiring all the serious jockeys and serious fashionistas in their very delightful hats.

Then we woke up on Sunday and did it all again, but on the trails this time. 3.5 hours of very hilly trails all before church, which meant, yes, Sunday afternoon was also more of the laying around and eating.

Em Jefferson Trail 2 may 2016

All in all, our perfect weekend! We racked up about 114 miles this past week, so that is about where we will peak before our 24 hour race on June 4th.

Hope your week is off on a melodious note!

 What was the best part of your weekend? 

Did you eat anything truly delicious? If so, will you please send us the leftovers?

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