Traveling But Still Running and 115 Mile Week

Did you miss us? Sorry to not post on Thursday of last week, but I was traveling to beautiful Florida for work. Yeah, life’s tough sometimes! This was the view from my room and for my run on Thursday and Friday:

Daytona Hotel Room View May 2016

I super-fueled both nights that I was there with a grocery store super food salad (kale, edamame beans, blueberries, almonds, tomatoes, and chicken).

Em Salad May 2016

And, Todd missed me like crazy, of course! (written by Emily but confirmed by Todd for accuracy purposes)

We had a crazy high mileage week again last week, so we are bringing it back down this week. We hit 115 last week, with 25 on Saturday and 25 on Sunday. We did the same route to start to prep our minds for the monotony that is our summer races. We are currently signed up for four ultras between June 4th and mid-August and all of them are loop courses, so, yep, mind strength is super key for the summer of 2016.

Gotta hop to my work life now and catch up on some stuff that I fell behind on while traveling last week. Talk to you on Thursday! But first, tell us:

 Do you ever travel on business? If so, do you keep up your workout routine?

What was the healthiest most “super-food” thing you ate last week?

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