Rest Works and May Please!

After hitting 230 miles over the past two weeks, my body was probably ready for some rest. However, if you have been reading long then you may know that I am a tad bit stubborn about these things. I have been known to push it when I should not and that has led to some extended periods of rest due to major injuries in the past.

Em Iced Foot Mar 2016

So, on Sunday, when I was finishing up the second of my 25 milers for the weekend, I noticed that my tendon on the inside of the left ankle was bugging me. This is my problem child, so I gave it some extra love and care on Sunday afternoon via ice and elevation. But, when we headed out the door on Monday morning, I made it to the end of the block and just said nope, I don’t want to push it. Todd being the awesome and supporting person that he is said he totally agreed and we went back inside and to bed for another hour before work. Come Tuesday morning and it was an exact repeat. The trial run was not actually painful but I could tell the tendon was there – make sense? I heard somewhere that you should always give an injury one more day than you think is necessary.

 Em FL Napping Jan 16

So, my intelligence prevailed over my stubbornness and guess what? It paid off! Yesterday and today were pain free runs and my legs also benefited from some extra springiness. We did 14 yesterday and 13 today with a 4 mile tempo at the beginning that I did in great time (for me!). We are planning to hit up the trails tonight for a 2-a-day and some extra hills. Then…the weekend is upon us. This has been a long week for some reason, so I am ready for no work and all running and Todd-time.

Todd Florida Floor 2011 

PS – If anyone sees May, then can you please tell it to come back to Kentucky? It has been in the 40s every morning this week and I would appreciate it if we could get back to the 60s. Thanks.

 What’s the weather like in your little piece of the Earth? 

Are you good at resting (like Todd) or stubborn (like Emily)?


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