Rain Out and Onwards to Merrill’s Mile!

We missed you last week, but we are back and soon to be “at it” again. Today is a rest, rest, rest and unpack day after our eventful weekend. After my work training in Disney World last week, I got in at midnight on Thursday and hit up about 7 hours of sleep. My sweet, amazing husband did all the race packing in my absence, so Friday morning we headed to work with the car fully loaded.

Stuff for run Ozone Jun 2016

We headed to Lexington around lunch time on Friday and got to spend the second half of our work day in the relaxing setting of my favorite in-laws’ casa. We got some good beans and peas for fiber and protein in for lunch.

Em lunch May 2016

And then some serious noodle and cheese carbs in for dinner.

Em Pasta Ozone Jun 2016

We then hit the bed early because we needed to leave around 4:30 on Saturday morning to make it to Tennessee for the 10:00 am start of our 24 hour race. Todd did some driving.

Todd driving Ozone June 2016

And I did some eating. Pre-race I had three pieces of toast, two bananas, and an almond granola bar.

Em fueling Ozone Jun 2016

Then, we felt like we were all set for a great day.

Em and Todd pre Ozone Challenge Jun 2016

It started out very good but we quickly realized that the course was a bit more technical then we had anticipated and decided we needed to revise our target. We settled on hitting 100 miles in 24 hours, which we felt was very doable given we have definitely done this before. However, we were constantly fearful of rain. A little over 1 mile of the 2 mile loop was quite muddy to begin with (which led to are quick revision of what we could possibly do in 24 hours) and was requiring us to hop gingerly across long stretches, versus running as we had hoped.

Well, around 17 hours in, our fears were realized when the sky absolutely opened up. We are talking full on cats/dogs pouring and the 1+ mile muddy stretch turned into shin deep water. Todd and I got around to the aid station and had a heart-to-heart. Ultimately, we decided that, with our 48 hour at Merrill’s Mile in just under one month, we did not feel it was in our best interest to keep at it in the very tricky conditions we faced. We did not want to risk injuring ourselves in the water and also knew that hitting 100 would be almost impossible given half the loop was reduced to slow “stepping” versus even walking, much less running. So, we called it a solid training run (78 miles!) and showered and headed back to Lexington. Net – are we disappointed? Yes, you are always going to face disappointment when you set a goal and don’t hit it. BUT, we are also so, so, so blessed beyond measure. There were so many great people that we got to chat with over the course of the 17 hours that we were there and we ran very solidly for the 78 miles we were out there. Plus, Todd is just fabulous and these runs make me realize it more and more and more. So, heads up, spirts up and onwards to our 48 hour race in t-minus 40 days!


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  1. Priscilla says:

    I know it was difficult to “quit” (don’t like this word much) this race but you were sooooo smart to know when to walk away.


    1. Thanks for the support. We are so very blessed so one small set back won’t get us down!


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