More Travel and Recovering Like Champs!

Hi all and sorry we are a day late here on the Bello blog. I was traveling to the lovely Sunshine State again this week, so I got a bit behind on the personal activities. This week was all about recovering.

 Eating good salad in my hotel room

Em Salad June Miami

Getting healthy snacks for the flight

Em Snack June 2016 

Wearing comfy shoes in the airport (even with a dress on)

Em Comfy shoes June 2016

Getting bumped to first class did not hurt my recovery either!

Em first class June 2016

Lots of sleeping and not so much running. We took Monday and Tuesday off, did 3 miles super-duper easy on Wednesday, 5 miles super easy on Thursday, and then felt good on our 6 miles this morning. 

This weekend, we are keeping the mileage low but getting out in the hot, hot sun. Temps here in the Ville are supposed to reach into the 90s tomorrow, so perfect training for our 48 hour race that is mere weeks away!  

Check back on Monday for more Ultra Running Couple updates and tell us: 

What do you do to recover from hard efforts in running, other training, and life in general?


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