Heat Training!!!

The weekend was terrific and we are off to a beautiful sunny day here in Kentucky. I feel like we are about 60% recovered, so we did not do anything crazy mileage-wise this weekend, but we did deck ourselves out in warm clothing in the 94 degree heat. 

Em Heat Train June 2016

We did 14 miles on Saturday and then 12 miles on Sunday, followed by 8 this morning with plans to do 3 this afternoon in the heat of the day. Speaking of heat, we are now in full heat training mode in prep for the 48 hour race coming up in 3 WEEKS!!! EEKK! It is getting close. The 48 hour race is around a little shy of a one mile loop on asphalt that is fully exposed to the sun…and it is in Georgia…and it is in July…so, yeah, it may be a touch warm. We are prepping by wearing warm, warm clothing and adding a second run on a few days a week to get out in the very heat of the day. In case our neighbors did not already thing we were super odd…

Em and Todd Heat Train Jun 2016 

Do we look intimidating? I think so, but Todd reminded me that most people are not afraid of two people who weigh less than 225 put together and can’t reach above the refrigerator without a stepstool. Okay, fine.

 Apart from that, our weekend was super chill. We did some church going and got our praise on. We also did some eating because our appetites are in full force recovering from our 78 miles and adding in some double runs. Now, back to Monday work stuff and eating an apple the size of a small pumpkin.

Em apple Jun 2016

What did you do this weekend?

Have you eaten any good food lately?


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