A Little Bit of Our Backstory

Many people ask me if I have been running all my life, to which I answer with a definite “No!” Growing up, I tried about every sport out there but was not good at any of the them. Something about coordination being needed?!? So, I came into running later in life when I met Todd. We were dating and I went to watch him run the Disney World marathon. As I stood at the finish waiting for him to come in, I kept thinking to myself “If these people can do this, then I can, too, right?” The week after we returned from Florida, I emailed Todd from the place I was working during college and asked him if he could train me to run a marathon. He responded back with a very long email about what a commitment marathon training is and how much you have to change in your life to fit it in and to train correctly. But, he agreed whole-heartedly to train me if that is what I ultimately decided. He had every right to be nervous, because, to that point, I had never run any race and the most mileage I had covered at one time was the 3-miles they made us run during summer conditioning for the soccer team (in which I basically played the role of keeping the bench company during the games).

Needless to say, we made it through the training and ran our first marathon together. This month marks 9 years since we have been married and it gets better and better each year. God has blessed us beyond what I have capacity to write here. Plus, I fear that you all would get pretty bored if I just went on and on about Todd for much longer. One thing we have learned over the years is to never stop learning about each other, always extend grace and mercy to each other, and don’t expect marriage to come easy. Just as with running, marriage is hard work, but, the reward is so much greater than any momentary pain we may have to withstand. Here are some pictures of our journey together.


Indianapolis 2008 Post Race hug
Emily hit a PR in 2008 at the Indianapolis Marathon
Em & TB San Fran 2010
Big run in the Marin Headlands, one of our favorite places.


And, lastly, happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful men out there. This man means a little something to me.

emily & wendell after mini heart half 2011
Em and her pops after completing his first half marathon.

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