58 Laps at My Old High School Track

The weekend brought loads of family time and some interestingly boring running. We headed to my home town for the weekend to spend some time with my mom, sister, and dad. Because the roads around my mom’s house are not super runner-safe, we typically drive somewhere to run when we stay with my mom. She has an awesome farm out in the country with her very cool husband.

Em at Valerie's June 2016

They have a pool, too, so a great place to take a dip after a hot summer run…but not such a great place to get your run on. Given our 48 hours of running around a 1 mile loop is coming up in less than 12 days (EEEKKK!!!!), we decided to hit up my old high school and run around the 0.25 mile track for 2 hours. It is totally exposed to the sun and wind. Add that to our long sleeve black shirts and we got quite the little sweat going. Add that to the fact that we have been driving around without air conditioning and all the windows rolled up…

After 58 laps we called it quits and headed back to the pool.  Needless to say, running around the track for 2 hours gave me plenty of time to reminisce about my days spent at the high school. Good memories and not so good memories, but, all in all, I am so much happier in the place I am now versus then. I have Todd (which is the A #1 reason why life is better), but I also have much more confidence in myself and am at peace with me. I am a lot easier on myself and have lost the need to be perfect, which definitely helps in the general sanity department.

 We also got some dad time in…

Em, Wendell, Cam Jun 2016

And some nephew time…

Em and Cam III June 2016

 Net-it was an awesome weekend and have I mentioned that God has blessed us? I hope you had a great weekend, too, and would LOVE to hear about it, so please leave us a comment!!!


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  1. Jenny says:

    I don’t know how your other readers feel, but I would love to hear more details about these runs (like what was it like mentally, did anything hurt, what did you eat/drink.) I get into stuff like that!


    1. Jenny, thanks so much for the comment! We love hearing from readers. We have a 48-hour race over the 4th of July weekend, and after the race, we will provide more details regarding eating, how we felt, etc. As for our run last Saturday, we drank water but did not eat. We typically will not eat anything for runs under 2 hours. This took some time to build up to, but we find that doing some fasted runs helps us with our overall conditioning for the super long stuff. We do eat beforehand. I had some toast and Todd had cereal (and we both had coffee!) before our 2 hour run last weekend and this is pretty typical of us for our pre-long run routine.


  2. Whitney says:

    Loved our time with u all and can’t wait to hear about your upcoming run!


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