Super Sweet Sendoff

My mommy drove to the Ville yesterday and brought us the most super sweet sendoff gift imaginable…

Merrill Mile Goody Sack Jun 2016

A bunch of our race favorite foods and, this is just the coolest, she put together envelopes with instructions for times in the race when we may need a pick-me-up. We have not looked at them since we have to wait until the race, per her instructions, but she did give us an example. One has instructions to open when I want to get a boost to make me feel more beautiful and has quotes all over the package and a special present inside that will help me to feel more beautiful. Yep, my mom is the coolest and, sorry, I don’t lend her out so don’t bother asking.

Em and Val 2015

We also woke up to a text from our dear friends who are simply amazing human beings and wonderful cooks. They left us homemade granola inside the gate to our condo at 4:55 this morning.

God has given us cool folks to live this life with.

Speaking of good folk, this is my love:

Todd Pre Run June 2016

And this is what I get to see my love doing for 48 hours straight this weekend:

Todd running June 2016

And this is how happy and excited we are to run around in circles next to each other all morning/afternoon/evening/night Saturday and Sunday.

Em and Todd Selfie June 2016

With that, we are off. Talk to you after the race!

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