Park Time, Rest Time, and More Hills Needed!

The weekend was spent in total relaxation mode. We did a bit of running, with 7 miles on Saturday and Sunday. Then we did a bit of laying around.

Todd Sunday July 2016

Then we did a bit of enjoying the sunshine in the park.

Em Playground July 2016

Then we did a bit of planning for our upcoming races and training.

Em Park July 2016

One thing we have realized (or, rather, have known but were just being lazy about doing) is that we really need to make hills more of a part of our lives. We live in downtown and the closest real hill is several miles away, so that means that we have to get creative. This morning, we ran to the Big 4 bridge and did repeats up and down the bridge. We decided to practice our fast downhill this time, so we ran relaxed up and then hard down. We did 10 repeats and then headed home, for a total of a bit over 6 miles. I was happy with the time given the effort I felt like I was putting forth. All in all, we are feeling like we are about 75% recovered from the 48 hour.

What’s up next for us you ask? We have an 8 hour run on July 23rd and then a 36 hour run on August 5-7. More details to come about these next adventures!

Do you have any adventures coming up? PLEASE TELL US ABOUT THEM IN THE COMMENTS!


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