Traveling Food, Strength Training, and New Sunglasses

How has life been? I feel like it’s been forever since we last chatted. I was traveling to the Sunshine State again this week, hence the Friday post versus Thursday post. It was just a quick overnight trip, so only one day spent on the dreaded treadmill. I did a 7 mile easy run at 4% incline. Then, I followed that up with what I thought would be some easy runner strength training exercises: 2 sets of 10 step ups on bench on each leg, 2 sets of 20 kettle bell swings using a 15 pound weight, 2 sets of 10 standing lunges on each leg. Today I realized just how far I have fallen off of the strength training wagon because that was HARD! Harder than it should have been at least. Oh well, just shows I need to do more! 

Traveling also means I get a bit out of my food routines, but that is good, too. I had some Mahi Mahi and veggies for room service because I got to the hotel rather late considering I was eating at my typical bedtime (8:30).

Em and dinner Miami 2016 

Then I had a bit more bread than usual last night with some lettuce, tomato, onion, and turkey toasted sub. Also delicious.

Em mmm toasty July 2016

Another fun traveling story is that the office I was going to was only two blocks from my hotel, so, of course, I planned to walk it. Then, it started POURING rain just as I was about to leave. However, know Florida rains are typically short lived and knowing I had some time before I truly needed to be in the office, I just waited the storm out. When the rain was finally at just a few sprinkles, I headed out. I made it one block and a car came zooming by and absolutely drenched me. We are talking soaking wet here. I always brag about how light I travel (I only had a backpack for this trip and that included my outfit and extra shoes for running), but I was a little disappointed I did not have any extras after this little incident occurred. Net – I met a whole new team of people that I will be working with for the coming months and was wearing my super casual outfit from the day before that was also a tad wrinkled from being wadded up in my backpack. It’s a good thing the people I work with are awesome and understanding. That and it helps that I have a stellar personality.

Em Cab Miami 2016
My attempted selfie of my super casual outfit that I ended up wearing two days in a row, including to business meetings.


Earlier in the week, we hit up the trails for some fun.

Em Jeff Park Jul 2016

I got to test out a new pair of sunglasses that I was desperately needing. The nose piece of the ones I have been wearing for 7+ years had worn off and it caused me to get bloody spots on my nose after wearing them for two days straight in our 48 hour run. Yeah, it was time.

Em and new sunglasses July 2016

Do you think they make me look fierce? Humor me.  

That’s it for now. Have a blessed weekend and don’t forget to tell those people that mean so much to you that you LOVE THEM! See you next week!


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