Have I Told You How Clumsy I Am?

We had a weekend full of training…but not our typical kind! We are training to be pre-marriage counselors with our church, so we had training all Friday night and most of the day on Saturday. It fit in quite well with our running training, as we are tapering for our 8 hour race on Saturday. Since our runs are a little more casual during taper week, I decided to show you a shot of where we often run.

Todd downtown July 2016

When I tell people that we live downtown, I sometimes get the feeling they don’t know how truly “downtown” that we actually live. We are within a short run from most of the Louisville attractions. Though we rarely eat out, we are around a lot of cool places and like to walk or run by folks and eye their plates. This may sound rude, but we figure that it is the diners fault for sitting outside or close to a window.

Here are some other in action shots of us warming up that I wanted to show you just because I am proud of myself for actually remembering and taking the time to snap some photos.

Todd stretch July 2016Em warming up Jul 2016

Have I ever told you just how clumsy I am (Another post showing my clumsiness)? Well, it happened again. I tripped. On the sidewalk. In broad daylight. On a sidewalk we always run. Yep, that’s me.

Em scrapes July 2106

Now because of my stupid clumsiness, I am “recovering” from my injury. Jokes aside, it hurt really bad and my knee is swollen. We are pulling way back to make sure it is okay for Saturday and to just give our bodies rest in general. We maybe are not fully recovered from our 140 miles a few weeks ago, so we want to be super safe this week.

Here’s to a magnificent Monday! Talk to you later this week. In the meantime, I will try to stay vertical…



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