More Traveling and Race Day Eve!

I had some more travel this week for work and then we have our race tomorrow. This seems like a pattern for our summer! 

I got to visit a truly awesome city that I never knew existed: Greenville, South Carolina. I think it would just be runner heaven. It is so pedestrian friendly and has tons of running paths and greenspace. Also, it is about an hour from both the beach and the mountains, so there would always be trail running and relaxing settings within driving distance. Here is a waterfall that we just ran into on our walk.

Greenville July 2016Em Greenville July 2016

It was a great little city for food, too. The first night, I got into my hotel around 8, so I just ordered takeaway from the seafood restaurant next to the hotel. This may not look exciting, but it was very delicious.

Scallops July 2016

I was also in charge of selecting the food for the meetings, so of course I chose a salad bar for the first day

Salad July 2016

Some people complained that it was too light/not enough carbs, but it was perfect for those of us who love to eat healthy (including me and my boss, so it was a win in my book).

I organized a huge team dinner for 15 of us on the river that runs through the city. It was a neat atmosphere and made for the opportunity for me to eat more seafood and veggies.

Dinner Greenville Jul 2016

The trip ended with us hearing that our connecting airport (Atlanta) was shut down for several hours due to weather delays, so my boss, another colleague, and I hopped in a car and drove the 6 hours home. We got Subway on the way home – another one of my decisions because I am not a lover of roadside fast food restaurants.

Subway Greenville July 2016

My head hit the pillow at 11:00 pm and I got to sleep until 7:00 this morning because we did not run due to our taper for the race tomorrow. This week was super light on the running, just 3 miles each day Monday through Thursday. We were both not feeling quite 100% from our 48 hour race, so we decided to take extra precautions this week and just pull way back. If we have learned anything over the years, it is all about listening to what your body is telling you and ours were saying “more rest, please!”

The plan for today is to catch up on things I missed at work while traveling, eat lots of healthy food, and get loads of sleep tonight. We start at noon tomorrow! I can’t wait to tell you all about it on Monday. Have a fantastic weekend!


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