Our Upcoming 36 Hours of Fun and Family Sacrifices

I promised some news on our next race, so…we are running a 36 Hour race called Holston Endurance Challenge in Bristol, Tennessee next weekend! We start on Friday, August 5th at 8:00 pm and end on Sunday, August 7th at 8:00 am. We are super excited about the opportunity to see our dear friend who is the Race Director, Netta! She is the sweetest and puts on an absolutely amazing event. We are also looking forward to seeing lots of other runner friends we met there last year (we hope you are coming again this year!). We got FREE entry into this race because we won the 24 Hour race last year. Given the awesome Race Director, super tasty aid station foods, great participants, and NO COST, we just could not turn it down despite our already packed summer of racing. Our plan is to try our hardest for the first 24 hours and then just relax it out for the last 12 hours. We shall see how this pans out because, if you have been reading long, you know that these races rarely go as planned for us.  

Em looking strong July 2016
Photo by Jake Moore


I wanted to talk for a quick minute about sacrifices we have to make in order to race like we do. Next weekend is my dear nephew’s 4th birthday party and my sister always puts on a great event for his birthdays. It is a wonderful time for us to get to see the full family (on my side) and we are going to miss it this year for the race.

Cam Drinking Condo May 2016

I just mention this as one of MANY such events that we miss because of training and/or racing. Todd has a huge family and I adore them all. We often have to miss celebrations such as birthdays, family trips, and graduation parties. Sometimes, when we are out there racing, I start to think “gee, I just wish we were NORMAL and then we would be enjoying X, Y, Z event with everyone else.” I start to lament my situation and wonder why I can’t just let myself off the hook for maybe one year and do “normal” things and not push myself and not suffer. It’s during these times that I have to stop and remind myself just how blessed Todd and I are to be able to share these moments together. We are out there doing what we love (though may not like at that exact moment). I have to remember that, after the race is over and the pain has stopped, there is no way I will regret making the decision to be out there doing this “abnormal” thing. I love the oddness of what we do because, the fact that over 99% of the people on the planet do not do what we do is probably one of the main reasons that it is so special to us.

Em and Todd July 2016
Photo by Jake Moore


I have to remind myself that Todd and I are there for what we can be there for with our families and we are as involved in their families as we are able to be (and as they want us to be). In the end, we love them all dearly but know that we can only be truly present for them if we are able to still pursue our passion. We are truly, truly fortunate to have families who do understand this and don’t hold our absences against us but just treasure the times when we are there.  

We love you Bello, Cantrell, Smith, Rose, Blackburn, Fuller, Richards, Jenkins, and Vittitow folks. We are so very glad that you allow us to participate in your lives and accept our many faults including, but not limited to, our running obsession!


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  1. Whitney says:

    cam is sad you aren’t coming. We went to visit Charlie’s brother and sister in law and their new baby the other day and as we were leaving he said. Uncle Keenan and aunt Carly my birthday party is coming up so I was wondering if you got me a present. Hahahaha. You will probably get something like that the next time he sees you. Good luck and we love u all!


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