I hope all of you had a terrific weekend and a joyful July. Welcome to August! Nothing out of the ordinary over here. Just some resting, reading, and eating delicious chicken tenders.

Em Dinner Chicken July 2016

As you know from last week’s posts (Our Upcoming 36 Hours of Fun and Family Sacrifices, 8-Hours in a Dream Race Recap), this is another race week for us. This means more tapering and as much rest as possible. We did a fast(er) 9 mile run on Saturday, followed by a very easy 6 mile run yesterday before church. Today, we did warmup for 10 minutes and then did a fast 5 minutes, then an easy 5 minutes, then a fast 4/easy 4, then a fast 3/easy 3, then a fast 2/easy 2, then a fast 1/easy 1, followed by a cool down for a total of 5.3 miles. This is a fun twist I like to add into runs, especially long runs of 2+ hours. Then I will typically do a 30 minute warmup followed by this series until the end of our run. It’s a fun way to break up runs. I also find that it gets your legs moving without all the angst I put into actual “speed work” days. Yeah, I never said I was rational.

Tomorrow will be an easy 4 miles and then Wednesday will be 3 miles with some 30-60 second pickups, and then Thursday will be a very easy 2 miles. Friday is wakeup early to get my work done and then midafternoon is travel to the race time. We will run from 8:00 pm Friday until 8:00 am Sunday and then somebody better have some pancakes ready for me to devour!

PS-I like to wear “inspiring” gear the week leading into a race. It helps get me mentally prepped. This week, I am sporting my Holston shirt from last year and also the very cool visor. Did I mention how much the RD rocks and has the coolest swag and gave us FREE entry and I cannot wait to see her.(answer: I did in last week’s post, so READ THEM if you have not done so)

Em Holston Hat July 2016

Well, that is enough rambling for today and this week actually. Given the increased hecticness of life during race week, we are not going to post again this week. We look forward to catching up next week with an awesome recap. Have a happy first week of August and cool out there!


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