Ugly Toes, Swollen Legs, and More Race Pics

Happy glorious Friday to you all! Given all of our racing and traveling around to races this summer, I am psyched to have a weekend of relaxing and doing very little of anything with my Lovey Hubby. This week has looked like this: Monday no running or walking, Tuesday a little two mile walk, Wednesday a 3 mile walk/run, Thursday a 4 mile easy run, and today a 4 mile slightly faster run. Recovery is happening and I am actually looking forward to getting back into regular, routine training. I am even sort of craving speed work?!? Please remind me that I said this in a few weeks when I am whining about hating speed work.  

If you are weak of stomach or get grossed out easily, then you may want to skip down to the end of the post. We get asked a lot about how our bodies hold up to the mileage we force on it and, honestly, we have only positive things to say about how running has transformed our body. We feel super most of the time and have more endurance, joy, and muscles to show for our efforts. However, one area that we definitely have seen negative results is our tootsies. Todd’s especially.

Todd's pretty feet post Holston Aug 2016
Not to add to the grossness but…both big toenails will come off within a few weeks, including some others.


We are lacking most of our toenails and, the ones we do have are not going to be winning us any contracts for foot modeling anytime soon.  

Also, right after the race, we get what we call “elephant legs” where our legs swell due to retaining water for a few days after a long race. This makes for fun sock lines and all around prettiness when wearing shorts.

Todd's swollen legs post Holston Aug 2016
The right leg is worse.  We should have shown you the after picture.


 We agree, though, that if these are the worst of our symptoms, then we will just keep being sick for running as long as our good Lord enables us to be! 

Now, a few more race pics from this weekend to end with more pleasant pictures etched into your brain. Have a relaxing weekend!

Power walk at Holston 2016
Cresting a hill and getting ready to run again.  Photo by Dawn Rushing.
Em pointing at Todd Holston 2016
And my favorite picture…clearly Todd is struggling and I am probably telling him, “hey mister, you need to stop your whining and get to running.” I’m joking, we actually support each other when one is hurting.  Photo by Dawn Rushing 

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