Finding Joy in the Rain

I hope you had a sleep and food-filled weekend, along with some running if you love the sport like we do. 

Saturday we ran 7 miles at 7 am and then came back to some breakfast while watching some Olympics. Track and Field started this past weekend, so our TV watching will inevitably increase threefold over the coming two weeks. We don’t have cable, satellite, or streaming TV, so we only get the rabbit ear stations, which is fine by us because we average maybe 30 minutes of TV watching per day. We LOVE the library and spend most of our down time reading. We aim for one “learning” book for every three nonfiction, so don’t get the wrong impression that we are super nerdy, just regular nerdy is probably the better description. 

My mommy then came up for a visit and we did some lunching and some shopping (Well, she shopped and I gave my input on her choices. I am not a lover of shopping and only do it when I have something that I need and then I am in and out of the store as quickly as possible). We left Todd at a coffee shop for the shopping portion and gladly worked away on his computer. Then we picked him up and also picked up some salmon and veggies and cooked dinner at our condo. I totally forgot to take any pictures, so you will need to use your imagination if you are a visual learner.

 Em and Val 2015

Now, onto the topic of the blog for today: running in not ideal conditions. Here is a question we get often with slight variations: Surely you don’t run in the heat/cold/rain/fill in the blank with a less than ideal running condition?!? Our answer: why yes, yes we do. Here is something I learned a long time ago: if you are looking for an excuse not to run, then you will find one. Period. Now, I am not advocating running with a true injury or in the middle of a tornado (obs!), but, unless you are blessed enough to be able to live in Palo Alto (Ahem, I am talking to you, Todd, during business school! No, whatever, I am not bitter.), then you will encounter that not so fun weather.

Em before a run Jan 16 Snowy

I read an article one time that basically said the only way to make it not as horrible is to simply embrace it (I am paraphrasing, but you get the idea). So, we woke up this morning to rain falling rapid and with a vengeance on our roof. My first thought: we are still recovering and we already ran more than most people who ran the race last weekend, so we should really rest today. My second thought: Em, are you just thinking this because of the nasty weather you are hearing. Third thought: No, really, I was going to say this regardless of the weather. As you can pick up on, my mental battles are fierce at 5 am. No wonder I am exhausted by 8:30 pm, but, I digress. Eventually, my angel runner won out and I got out of bed. It helped that Todd was already downstairs rearing and ready to go. In summary, we got wet, it has happened before and won’t be the last time, I didn’t melt or otherwise harm myself permanently. In fact, I wore my shoes from the race last weekend and then were super dirty when I started out and now are all clean due to getting soaking wet. Winning all around.

 Em KDF Marathon Finish Apr 16

So, next time you think “gee, the weather really isn’t perfect right now, maybe I should just eat chips and lay on the couch,” just remember that you can find joy in almost any weather if you just embrace it.   

Have a fabulous Monday and we will talk to you later this week!


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